Po Chun new SUV real license renamed the market for 530 years-dnf商人吧

Po Chun new SUV real license 530 years listed renamed Phoenix Automotive News the day before, we received a set of new Baojun SUV without disguise the real license. The car’s official figure has been officially released, the previous models called Baojun 510". From the latest real license, the car will be changed to "the name of Po Chun 530", located in a small SUV, will be officially unveiled at the 2016 Guangzhou auto show, and was listed on the year. Po Chun 530 abandoned the family design currently Baojun, with a one-piece grille and on line lamp combination design, Dazui grille collocation of double horizontal chrome banners, LED lamp above the slender eye-catching, smooth lines concise. Ups and downs of the hood design makes the car look more imposing. This design style is very similar to the Jeep free light, alternative shape is easy to impress. The car sideways and full, especially the stereo penetrating line from the headlights extending to the rear lights, more power. Black design B, C columns to create suspension roof is very popular and Hot Wheels style alloy wheels also meet the normal movement style. Body length and width of 4220x1740x1605 mm, wheelbase 2550 mm. The tail of the line is also rich in sense of hierarchy, symmetrical double tail row decorative design also enhanced the sense of movement. It is understood that the Baojun 510 adopts a split tail gate design, can make full use of space, convenient operation, meet the family travel load demand. Interior is very much in line with the current aesthetic of young consumers, smooth lines with eye-catching brown color, coupled with the popular suspension of the central control panel design, can be a large extent to get rid of the sense of cheap". Seat of the cortex and the fabric insert scheme, pay more attention to the actual effect. In addition, the Po Chun 510 air conditioning control area and function key area design impressive, a top sports car style. Power, Po Chun 530 or will be equipped with 1.5L engine and 1.5T, respectively, 5 speed manual and 6 speed manual transmission. Spy photos and news clues for e-mail: diezhao#ifeng (#=@), welcome to contact us, once adopted, will be rewarded.相关的主题文章: