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Children do not eat milk, actually these two reasons, after you don’t have to worry about – Wen Jun | Sohu maternal cheats son just 6 months, Ms. Lee’s milk began a serious emergency, often children smoking for a long time, will be out of a few drops of milk. Watching the children eat, crying like Ms. Lee’s heart like millions of ants crawling. See all kinds of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, milk food also did not eat, but have no effect. Her husband looked at her all day long to die in the same way, advised: "the doctor is not to say that the child can eat milk powder for 6 months, or else we broke the milk bar." Ms. Li struggled for a long time, had to agree with her husband’s proposal, although not good to eat milk milk, but better than to let the child hungry all day. Go to the hospital after sifting the couple, finally identified a formula. But after coming home, depressed people rushed out the son does not want to drink milk. Ms. Lee feels like she’s going to collapse, and her son won’t starve to death. In fact, just weaned children will appear reluctant to drink milk powder, headache helpless mother may wish to start from the following aspects. A nipple. Choose carefully the child does not love to eat meal is sometimes pacifier because of bad taste. General breast fed babies don’t love pacifier, so try to choose the simulation of rubber nipple soft texture. The nipple on the water boil for a while before the powdered milk, let the baby nipple become soft, will be more likely to accept. Two. Change the taste of milk powder, some babies do not eat milk powder because they do not like the taste of milk, the mother can change a brand close to the taste of breast milk. Because the child has rejection of milk, so the powdered milk can make a little light, or add some rice or milk companion in milk, change the taste of milk. If the baby does not eat, it is best not to force the child, you can eat a meal, eat a few meals. Three. After adding the food supplement for 3 months you can try to add a food supplement for children, so if the mother is worried that the children do not eat milk affect the growth and development, can be appropriate to add some foods, such as vegetables, fruits, Rice noodles mud mud, soft noodles, biscuits, minced meat etc.. And the child caught a cold, how to do? What is the baby crying? How do the child spits? Baby long eczema how to deal with? Want to let the baby grow taller, what way? When will the baby call mother? 1 year old really have to wean it?…… If you have these parenting confusion, please pay attention to WeChat public number: [parenting tips]. Do the "bottom" of the mother heart!相关的主题文章: