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Irregular menstrual cycle obstetrician – free answering Sohu have encountered a lot of women maternal irregular menstruation, either because of emotion (such as anxiety, excessive pressure), some habits suddenly changed a lot (such as a sudden long-term Aoye etc.), some of it is because of the reason of certain diseases (such as polycystic ovary syndrome, hyperprolactinemia, etc.)…… Many reasons can lead to irregular menstrual cycle, for pregnant women, which irregular menstrual cycle is the need for treatment? What are the effects of pregnancy? Adjunct associate professor at Wenzhou Medical University, doctor Cai Zhuhua of Ruian City People’s Hospital of Department of gynaecology: many women for menstruation understanding is not correct, menstruation is whether women of signal health, so to be able to distinguish their normal menstruation is particularly important, and for the preparation of pregnant women, abnormal menstruation may also affect pregnancy factors. So why abnormal menstruation will affect the pregnancy, November 17, 2016 19:30-20:30, Dr. Cai Zhuhua online 60 minutes free to ask you questions, etc.! [introduction] Cai Zhuhua lecturer Dr. Cai Zhuhua, female, chief physician, adjunct associate professor of Wenzhou Medical University, vice director of Department of gynaecology, Ruian City People’s hospital ward two, deputy director of Obstetrics and gynecology teaching room, Academic Tenure: Zhejiang Medical Association obstetrics and Gynecology Branch Youth Committee, Zhejiang Province Medical Association branch of Youth Committee of Gynecology of traditional Chinese medicine. Professional direction: infertility and reproductive immunology specialist, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of recurrent spontaneous abortion, genetic counseling, child, family planning surgery and laparoscopy minimally invasive surgery, every surgeon to complete laparoscopy minimally invasive surgery more than 600 cases, the diagnosis and treatment of difficult diseases in obstetrics and Gynecology master. Class time: November 17, 2016 19:30-20:30 lecture: Method: two-dimensional code below, add micro signal beiyunyisheng or recognition method: two lecture notes; reply keywords 20161117 acquisition link to enter the studio lectures, discussion questions. The main content of the lecture: 1 reasons, treatment of irregular menstrual cycle, 2 irregular menstrual cycle 3, and prepare pregnant women to interact and answer [how] class add micro signal [beiyunyisheng] or identify two-dimensional code, note lectures, or in medicine to ER interest (ID:yilaierqu2016) public number 20161117 to obtain the reply listen live links.相关的主题文章: