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My mother does not understand this is no good reading methods, to buy more books for children – Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting hand sometimes give children bought a lot of books, can the child is not love; only children love cartoons, not love literary masterpiece; the children read a lot of books, but always remember…… it may worry those who want their children to learn the knowledge of parents. Help children learn to help children learn, increase knowledge, but do not force children to read, otherwise it will be counterproductive. In fact, this is very wrong, we can according to the child’s dependence on their parents, the primary school six years can be roughly divided into three stages. Let the children fall in love with reading is to pay attention to the way. If as your parents, do not understand these beneficial to children reading method, buy nothing more books for children! One, respect the child’s reading habits of some children carrying books around, ran to where he will see, sofa, bed, on the floor, even the toilet has become a children’s reading; and the children love to put a lot of books together, then at the moment, read another book…… parents should respect children’s unique way of reading, can properly persuade, but don’t force their children to change, otherwise the child will produce reverse psychology, then don’t love reading. Two, to allow children to play book children’s interest in reading, often from the beginning of love to play the book. Many children love to throw a book, bite books, graffiti on the book, even tore the book down off the plane…… but this is precisely the children love the book’s performance. Parents do not stop the children "play" books, children like to play book, that he found in the book to the fun, through the hands of the book to explore the unknown world, but also in progress. If parents feel that the book destroyed a pity, can give children to buy some youpi bound books, or expired magazines and newspapers for kids. Three, let the children read their books after the selection of the good love is to choose a good book. But there is no need for children to read the book in the Enlightenment period, as long as it is not illegal or unhealthy books can let children enjoy reading. In addition to parents to children to buy books do not have too much age books, young children love interest is fixed, can choose a few classes, let the children free choice, after the establishment of children’s interest in reading is the first one. Four, don’t torture children, many parents love children idle question: do you know how does the plane fly? The United States has far? Dinosaurs really exist? I am afraid that many parents do not know. If the child answers to get parents to praise, if the child cannot answer, the heart will be very depressed, so to lose confidence and interest in reading. Reading is not to test, not to prove that they know a lot, with the purpose of learning will not be really improved. To let children experience the process of reading is the most redraw相关的主题文章: