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Fan Bingbing Lin Chiling first met each other in love – Sohu appreciation collision spark entertainment   Lin Chiling challenges the "Chicago" stunt Sohu entertainment news third season since "my new clothes" preparation is of concern, "the goddess" lineup is suction eye of numerous first, Fan Bingbing invited guests and guests resident Lin Chiling, two different style the goddess of the "century reunion", many netizens are curious in their meeting, but the two meet but Fan Bingbing was naughty completely beyond all expectations, in the observation of Lin Chiling directed, and do not stop to praise, but also very excited to see Fan Bingbing and Lin Chiling, the original "goddess" can be so Freemasonry. Fan Bingbing at the scene made a special request, "director, I have an idea, you can take me to a place they can not see the place, I think in a special perspective to watch their performance." So the director took Fan Bingbing into the room to observe her director. Fan Bingbing sat down, Lin Chiling then went to the "goddess", but Fan Bingbing caught a good opportunity to observe Lin Chiling, Lin Chiling saw a wavy hair, a nude lace skirt wrapped was just perfect smiling, came in, also face the lens to a standard Zhi Ling sister smile, sitting in the "overview" director Fan Bingbing seems to be electric eyes, flashing non-stop praise, "sister Zhi Ling, wow, super beautiful, beautiful." Because of the "goddess" to take everyone’s photos hanging on the wall, hung the picture and put a V sign a photo of Lin Chiling instantly adorable Fan Bingbing, praising her lovely". The other goddess has entered the room, Lin Chiling began to play her height advantage to help other "goddess" picture, but do not know Fan Bingbing again in the side comment "Zhi Ling sister look at high", then Fan Bingbing is generous words of praise for Lin Chiling, a mengkua, "participate in this program, Zhi Ling the old sister ah, she should be easy ah, go to T this kind of thing is she used every day to do the work, so it is very easy for her." Fan Bingbing can’t stop Kua Zhiling. This seems to meet the two beauty to break the "King King" of the legend, but is "cherish the goddess goddess", Lin Chiling saw from the director out of Fan Bingbing, but also instantly covered his mouth could not believe my eyes, then the two is on the scene close embrace. Two people interact so love, more people look forward to their wonderful performance on the stage, all of which in September, 3 Japan on Saturday evening at 10 Oriental tv.相关的主题文章: