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"The Mekong" broken 1 billion 200 million Xinjiang policemen Feng Wenjuan Feng Wenjuan tribute event Tencent entertainment news November 11th, actor Feng Wenjuan movie "with the Mekong River action" attended by the Bona film group and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region film distribution company and MS international cineplex "held a tribute to Xinjiang public security system" theme of public service activities of the opening ceremony. Ceremony and movie "my youth" press conference, movie makers attended the conference site, the heroine von Wen Juan accepted an interview with reporters at the press conference, the embodiment of the most beautiful youth bold confession of love for Xinjiang. Breaking 1 billion 200 million at the box office "action" Feng Wenjuan and the Mekong River Mekong "tribute police action" action released in September 30th as of November 11th the cumulative box office of nearly 1 billion 200 million, the cumulative viewing trips exceeded 30 million, with high production, good reputation, has become a positive energy at the same time the three champion section of the box office, reputation, attendance, success among the 2016 the annual domestic movie box office fourth. The original schedule is extended from October 30th 1 to December 4th, the public security personnel system with valid documents to watch movies for free "action in the Mekong River Bona theater". "The Mekong River action" actress Feng Wenjuan, who produced in winter Bona film group president and MS international cineplex representatives attended the event’s opening ceremony. The activities of "the Mekong River in Xinjiang Urumqi for action" police system launched free screenings for three days. The activities of "the Mekong River in Xinjiang Urumqi for action" police system launched free screenings for three days. Drug enforcement policewoman Guo Bing, actor Feng Wenjuan, who plays the young brave, resourceful and courageous, righteous image left a deep impression to the audience. Feng Wenjuan as an actor on behalf of the deep respect and blessings to the eight party in order to secure, indifferent to life and death all the public security personnel system. She said: "very honored to be able to through their own power to interpret a moment of the battle for the state and the people of the policemen, which is fighting in the front line of thousands on thousands of armed police officers and soldiers, police officers, fire officers and soldiers are a microcosm of the actor we created a popular hero on the screen, but the really great is more unknown hero. They fight bravely, to maintain the security of the people’s Republic of China, she hope that through the" dignity "of the Mekong River action" to the public security system and the soldiers pay tribute. The interpretation of the incarnation of Feng Wenjuan youth "my youth" the ceremony is the movie "my youth" press conference, Feng Wenjuan once again featuring actress, with different image and meet the audience. It is reported that Feng Wenjuan in the film played 60-70 in the countryside of Xinjiang from the central government to support the construction of the border areas of the female educated youth "Feng Meimei", the media attention and film fans guessing is not to let the female master Feng Wenjuan to better into the role by the audience and the role changed the name for Feng Wenjuan’s family name, conference producer of this speculation responded, "in the role of the design stage is given the name ‘Feng Meimei’, so Feng Wenjuan played this role is not deliberate, but it is a heaven-made match". This film is equivalent to.相关的主题文章: