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Black clinics will be ectopic pregnancy when appendicitis treatment pregnant women hang water 3 days after the death of the original title: ectopic pregnancy was diagnosed as appendicitis in women’s clinics in Huaian killed 32 year old Xuyi resident Chen Qin (a pseudonym), because of stomach pain to a nearby clinic. The clinic doctor told Chen Qin is appendicitis, who knows Chen Qin is hanging water 3 days after the accident, the final test results show: Chen Qinhuan’s not but appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy, clinic is the health center staff Yi Xiaoling (a pseudonym) rental opened the black clinics. Yesterday morning, Xuyi county court Yi Xiaoling guilty of negligence causing death and sentenced to two years imprisonment, suspended for three years. Yi Xiaoling working in a health center in Xuyi, no doctor qualification. Last year, she was in her rented house, opened up a no business qualification "black clinic", want to use the spare time to earn money to supplement the family income. Yi Xiaoling stated in the courtroom yesterday, and because of the small clinic is not what medical examination conditions, she is on its own experience to press abdomen to Chen Qin, that Chen Qinhuan is appendicitis, open a number of anti-inflammatory drugs, infusion for her. After 3 consecutive hang Tianshui, Chen Qin eventually died unexpectedly. Forensic results showed that before Chen Qin’s death and no real cause for her symptoms of appendicitis, abdominal pain is caused ectopic pregnancy sac ruptured hemorrhagic shock and death, according to the current medical condition to the regular hospital treatment, to avoid the possible death results. Yi Xiaoling opened the black clinic equipment conditions are very simple. It is in this case, she made a wrong diagnosis of the victim Chen Qin’s illness, and ultimately led to the death of Chen Qin. The court held that, although Yi Xiaoling has a physician assistant qualification, but she during non normal medical work unauthorized engaged in medical activities, the clinic condition is quite simple, and no relevant qualifications, it is because of her carelessness treatment caused death, two families have caused a heavy blow. The court held that, although in recent years like this illegal practice black clinics decreased, but in the vast rural areas still exist, hope that the relevant departments of health to strengthen the supervision of such phenomenon, avoid this tragedy happen again. After the incident, Yi Xiaoling and the victim to reach an agreement on compensation matters, and to fulfill the compensation payments, the victim’s understanding of the party. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: