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Man drunk driving in a pengci alarm "jam" Express News (reporter correspondent Lu Gongxuan Gu Yuansen) home drunk driving, misfortune "pengci Gang", a man reported to the police. The evening of October 8th, Nanjing, Liuhe on the Yangtze River Road, a dramatic scene. About 11 o’clock that night, Wu and several friends drinking alcohol and drove back to the west, the car driving to the Yangtze River Road Liuhe District rain love intersection traffic lights, feel the car was rear ended. Estimated that the car is no big deal, he will start the vehicle. Who knows, just after the start of the car will catch up with him to stop, the car down two young men, openings will be $3000 compensation, otherwise they will alarm. Wu off to see both sides of the vehicle, found only slightly touched, but most car loss a few hundred dollars, and was still in the car after the collision, the responsibility should, therefore refused the request of the other party. At this time, the other Wu who smell alcohol, so the threat: "you’re drunk driving is so arrogant! You are not afraid of our alarm ah, quick compensation." Wu came to understand, he is met pengci. But Qi Wu, decided to call the police right". 10 minutes later, the Liuhe Traffic Police Brigade squadron police arrived at the scene, conducted an alcohol test for Wu, the results show that drinking driving. Finally, the police will be brought back to the police station with a combination of two Wu further processing. Editor: SN117 Kun Qu相关的主题文章: