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German media said Chinese sought after British tea: by the British drama influence the pursuit of British style – Beijing Reference News Network September 12 daily moral media said, into the elegant decoration, exquisite tableware, quiet delicate British teahouse, as if into the English novel the quiet manor, in recent years, the British tea more popular in Chinese and, especially by high levels of all ages, behind the British tea complex actually have what reason? Deutsche Welle website reported on September 12th, the 25 year old white-collar Ji Mengyu (sound) sitting in the spacious and comfortable sofa, in front with a small teaspoon gently stir a cup of tea, which is located in Beijing, Vitoria tea salon is a typical British style, elegant decoration, elegant environment, some British drama "Downton Abbey" style. Ji Mengyu is working in the Department of human, such as her love British tea Chinese more and more, for Ji Mengyu, the British tea on behalf of high-grade quality and superior: " I think that the traditional culture and customs of the British a classical flavor. " she said his English tea complex is subject to "Downton Abbey", "detective Sherlock" and "game of Thrones" the influence of these TV dramas. British consumption of tea is very impressive, about three centuries, Asian and African countries to provide tea for the United Kingdom, the annual export value to the United Kingdom worth millions of pounds. Now the trend has changed. Especially in mainland China and Hongkong, the surge in British tea fans. To provide a number of well-known brands of imported tea brands in China’s supermarket, restaurant food, online sellers more and more. In China large city, such as the English Potuerchu bamboo shoots after a spring rain. 5 years ago, with the British tea an weita British tea house has about 10 stores in the Chinese country, in recent years, their business is almost extended ten times, more stores are planned. Speaking of the popular British tea, an weita British tea house Beijing Sanlitun Branch Manager Li Qunluo (sound) said: " this trend is in want to pursue higher quality of life demands of people. " British tea company in mainland China and Hongkong to rise directly to a high position high tea export amount. British Royal tax and Customs Administration (HMRC) data show that in the first 5 months of this year, the amount of tea exports to the United Kingdom in Hongkong is nearly two times the figure over the same period last year, nearly three times. Harrogate, a small town in the north of England, is rich in tea. Here is the famous brand " Taylor Earl Grey tea " (Taylors of Harrogate). The fourth generation of the family business with China for more than ten years of tea business. In the past three years, turnover doubled every year. Taylor Earl Grey Tea " " international sales director Davies (Matthew Davies) said: " nearly half of the tea is China production, on the surface, you will think that there is a limited market. " tea originated in China, thousands of years are an important part of culture. Until seventeenth Century, British talent came into contact with tea.相关的主题文章: