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Fantastic! PSVR helmet can play the most promising new inventory game platform release is always a reign of terror. We have seen many of the console release, but the release of the virtual reality platform is a major advance in this emerging, futuristic style industry. SONY is now nervous about biting their nails, hoping that their release will not make fans feel like they are being robbed. Due to the need to buy a separate PSVR helmet at least $349, of course, we will feel that there must be something wonderful to stimulate the purchasing power, and stimulate consumers to invest. Of course, these great games! Here’s a list of the most promising games you can play with your PSVR helmet. 1, "RIGS: mechanized war alliance" set in 2065 in the near future, "RIGS" is a multiplayer online games, game player and game player in mechanical battle towering suit against each other. Players can choose a wide range of RIGS to operate, you can choose a different arena to fight. The game is one of the games with the full price landing on the PSVR platform, and now we can at least say that its game experience does look pretty good. Developer: Guerrilla Cambridge price: $38 RIGS: mechanical battle alliance RIGS: Mechanized combat alliance   2, "REZ" "REZ" unlimited unlimited in December last year had shocked the whole network with a lot of hype declared its existence, a psychedelic 1080p HD visual experience and 3D sound, it to the game player promise will be released in Japan on the experience were fascinated by the VR. This track shooting rhythm game is also compatible with PlayStation 4, so you don’t need a PSVR helmet to be able to play it (but there is certainly a better helmet). Developer: Enhance Games and Monstars (localised by 8-4) REZ REZ announced the price: wait for unlimited unlimited   3, PlayStation "VR" PlayStation world "VR world" contains a series of demo technology, to promote helmets and demo products. It has five Demo: "London," robbery "," VR "into the deep dry snow", "Dragon Ball" and "prey" odyssey. "London robbery" let game player play a tricky gangster role, "deep" drifting in the ocean wonders will be a big game player Guan Zaiyi metal cage (Sea Sharks, but oh) "VR" let the game player sleigh ride in a sleigh from a car on the hill slide. "Dragon Ball" is like using your head to play the 3D version of the table tennis game, and the "prey" Odyssey is a space shooting game. As you can see, this is a collection of games. Developer.相关的主题文章: