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China seventh Arctic scientific expedition Beijing Shanghai – triumph in September 26 Shanghai Xinhua Xinhua (reporter Wu Yue, Zhang Jiansong) Chinese seventh Arctic scientific expedition to complete the mission in 78 days, 26 days to take the snow dragon ship successfully returns in Shanghai Chinese polar investigation of domestic base dock. The investigation since the beginning of July 11th to the end of September 26th, the total range of about 13000 miles, the north to latitude 82 degrees 53 minutes. The test range including the Bering Sea, Bering Strait, the Chukotka sea, Chukotka sea and Canada Basin of China’s traditional study area, and Northern Russia Mendeleev ridge. Investigation team chief scientist Li Yuansheng introduction, this investigation involves physical oceanography, marine meteorology, marine geology, marine chemistry and marine biology, carried out a total of 12 sections of 84 marine comprehensive work station, including 1 long-term ice stations, 6 short-term ice station examination, smoothly and successfully completed all the established mission, part of the work over the completion. Investigation team for the first time in the investigation in northern Russia Mendeleev ridge; and work completed a total of 5 sets of anchor long-term observation, submerged buoy, laying success of China’s first Bering Sea area deep-water anchorage buoy; the use of helicopters around the long ice station in the Canada Basin cloth buoy array consists of 13 buoys placed the rules, construct the buoy array for our previous Arctic expedition; first use air gun in the "Snow Dragon" source of artificial seismic wave, greatly enhanced the formation depth of multichannel seismic system. Inspection team leader Xia Limin said that 2016 is the implementation of China’s polar expedition "13th Five-Year" the first year of planning. Chinese seventh Arctic scientific expedition is the "special" part of the comprehensive study of the polar environment and assessment, the first time China is "13th Five-Year" during the implementation of scientific research in the Arctic Ocean plays a key role.相关的主题文章: