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Temple No. two, arrived in Jiuquan in September 15 to launch 20 launch – Sohu news yesterday, the space laboratory Temple No. two, transferred to the launch pad, plans in September 15th to 20 in Jiuquan launch site launch. Tiangong two is China’s first truly laboratory space, will be carried out more than ten space science and application project, involving many fields of microgravity fluid physics, space materials science, space life science, space astronomy, earth science research and new technology test, called China Aerospace history "the most busy" the space lab, the astronauts will also accept the visit. Equipped with medical laboratory equipment space at 8:35 yesterday, carrying the Long March two FT2 rocket with Tiangong two space laboratory for arrow combination of the activities of the launch platform out of the general assembly and testing plant, drive about 1.5 hours after the vertical transport to launch area. Later, in the launch area to carry out two space laboratory and the Long March two FT2 rocket function test and combined test work to complete the final state of temple, after confirmation of rocket propellant. Tiangong two is China’s first truly laboratory space, equipped with a space atomic clock 14 applied load, and weight loss etc. cardiovascular research space medical laboratory equipment, equipped with maintenance technology verification device, manipulator terminal maintenance test equipment, development of space science and technology test. Vertical transport is completed, marking the Tiangong two space lab mission officially entered the launch phase. Compared to Tiangong-1 more luxurious as target aircraft, the main task is to break the Tiangong-1 rendezvous and docking technology, a combination of control and the medium-term presence of astronauts and they all belong to the advanced technology verification. Tiangong two "relay" Tiangong-1, will be the true sense of the space laboratory. Although the two look exactly the same, but the Tiangong two content varies greatly, more luxurious, equipment load, improve the internal environment better. It is worth mentioning that the system design of No. two temple is modular, which means that it can be quickly replaced when there is a problem and maintenance, which belongs to the first in the domestic space. One of the newly installed devices is the robotic arm that will be tested for Extravehicular handling and maintenance. The device is currently in use on the international space station, but is still in the experimental stage of China’s aerospace industry. In mid October this year, China will launch the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft, 2 astronauts aboard, with Tiangong two docking in space, of the medium-term presence test. The first half of 2017, with the long march seven launch day boat one cargo ship, with Tiangong two docking. Beijing morning news reporter Han Na相关的主题文章: