Trump vowed to compete for the Democratic stronghold of Hilary poll is still ahead-twoo是什么网站

Trump vows to compete for a democratic stronghold in the Hilary poll is still leading in Florida as Trump canvassing. (source: Reuters) China daily in November 6, the United States before the election last weekend, Democrat Hilary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump in November 5th opened the war in Florida. Trump said that the last two days of the campaign, will target the Democratic Party’s headquarters, including Pennsylvania, Michigan and other states. Trump said in Florida, Tampa canvassing: "we want to enter their so-called democratic stronghold in those States, we now have neither draw nor lead the campaign. Minnesota traditionally does not belong to the Republican camp." It is reported that the Republican Party has never won in Minnesota since 1972. Pennsylvania and Michigan are also in Trump’s itinerary, the Republican Party has not won the two states since 1988. Florida is the last leg of Clinton’s last weekend sprint. The Democratic Party rally in the densely populated city of Southeast Florida Pembroke pines. The day of the rain, Hilary praised the stand in the rain and listen to her supporters "enough meaning". Hilary announced a campaign ad for background music from singer Katy Pery. The ad will be played in more than and 10 states. It is reported that Perry Katie will also travel to Philadelphia, with Hilary Pennsylvania the two state canvassing. Florida is the largest swing states, has 29 electoral votes, the state election has an important impact on the election day vote. According to the rules of the general election, the United States must win 270 electoral votes to be elected president. Reported that Trump to be elected president, must first win in Florida. U.S. opinion polls show that Hilary is still a leading position in key states. At present, the United States has 37 million voters to complete the vote. The report said, compared to the previous election, Florida, Arizona and Nevada, Latino voters earlier completed vote. (Editor: Sun Ruonan) (China Daily)相关的主题文章: