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"28 minor" send video monologue zhichuo pain points of urban men and women – Sohu entertainment Ni Ni as Wallace Huo summer Ni Ni     Sohu entertainment news 18 years old you imagine their future unlimited scenery, 28 year old life you were rolling lifeless. Recently, the music produced by the film company, directed by Ni Ni Wallace Huo, the late Zhang, Wang, Ma Su, and starring magic love comedy film "28 minor" official issued a "dialogue 28" video monologue. Video from the movie "28 minor" and "one alone" together with a number of interviews at the age of 17 and 28 year olds, chatted two age view of each other, and the attitude of life, hit the pain point of contemporary urban men and women. "28 year old juvenile" is about 28 years old urban white-collar summer suddenly back to the age of 17 souls, 17 year old or a little cool summer cool summer, breaking a 28 year old summer life predicament, let her rebirth. In the video, a group of young people of different ages and occupations, in turn, talk about the attitude of the present life, many of which are dissatisfied with the life and boredom. And when asked, "give you a chance to take a chance, 28 years old, what else do you want to do?" Many respondents, has given a warm response, can hope to live more wonderful, don’t die at the age of 28. In recent years, work pressure, fast-paced life and health issues, is gradually overwhelmed by this generation of young people, for young people self torture topic is gradually rising. In July this year, the "escape North Canton" event a short period of time can quickly get the attention of users and fermented to become popular annual event, once again confirms the current urban men and women for the lifeless "alive" in such a state of reflection. The upcoming romantic comedy film "28 minor", the story was on the topic of the society’s thinking. Film to the city of men and women on the current feelings of life as a starting point, "if you go back to 17 years old, you will love him?" 17 year old thinking to solve the trouble of the age of 28. This issue is not only a question of emotional issues, but also the gap between the status quo and the dream of thinking. In the face of life unbearable and trouble, the moment is to choose to escape or resistance, is to bear or break free? And do not have been brainwashed by the 17 year old, to be full of fantasy life, whether it will be more different now? The interpretation of this two-way perspective, but also to the current troubles are an alternative way of urban men and women: if we can change an angle to think. In the "28 dialogue" video, these respondents also try to interpret the 28 years old with 17 years perspective. "28 year old minors" not only by Ni Ni, Wallace Huo, Ma Su, Wang, such as a public power to send young actors to join the star, is the daughter of Zhang Yimou for the first time at the end of a movie, the movie will hit theaters in December 2nd.相关的主题文章: