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Beijing – VIDEO – Ge You first "broken piece" producer Du Chun: with "the hangover" from Ge You’s first "broken piece" producer Du Chun: the movie "the hangover" with distinction [comment] in September 26th, held in Beijing, the theme of lithography era as the "Yue" brand strategy conference, announced the film contains "broken children", "weight loss man", the famous writer Ma Boyong IP’s classic "Changan twelve hour", the 10 film heavy items. The famous director Cao Dun, Lu Hengyu, actor Du Chun, Ma Boyong and other writers from different areas of the film and television creative team to attend. [comment] comedy film "broken piece" brings together Ge You, Yue Yunpeng, Du Chun, Babel, Xiao Shenyang, SA and other heavyweight star, only in recent years have been regarded as the lineup is the most anticipated comedy of. The film is Ge You for the first time in production, it also makes a lot of audience quite looking forward to. Film directed by Guo Shuang, and on the same day boot. The scene was asked about the film with the American classic movie "the hangover" is about, Du Chun said both in the direction of the same, but different. [] the same period: why is the drama actor Du Chun, because the film with Ge uncle said, so the drama, because that broken pieces, may think of the movie "the hangover" series, "the hangover" to bring you a lot of fun and adventure, we don’t have it in the movie, but the show in fact, things with it is a direction, our film may be more is a kind of understanding of the Chinese. [comment] Du Chun introduces himself to play a very funny person in the film, and other comedy figures together on the show, is also very fun. The special setting of the film, but also give the actors a lot of room to play. The same period []: actor Du Chun? Or? The most terrible thing is when you wake up memories of the second days, is the most terrible thing, when you drink, drink, then anything you do is reasonable and not reasonable, what things you can do, this will give we have a lot of space to play creation. [comment] on the same day, lithography era released a new brand "entertainment jump", its "entertainment jump pictures" and "entertainment jump issue" also appeared, and published by the direction of attention step Pictures Entertainment is the future, family entertainment, entertainment, the entertainment of teenagers in three directions. Reporter Jean Bao Beijing reports相关的主题文章: