China to cancel the outpatient infusion of medical behavior to curb excessive medical treatment-jcuv是什么车

China to cancel the behavior of medical outpatient infusion to curb excessive medical Beijing Beijing in Taiyuan on 30 August, (Fan Lifang) was in TCM diagnosis and treatment is the main treatment method of China, Volume 8 per capita per year by infusion bottle called "outside power infusion". 2016, with the official authorities in Jiangsu, Changzhi, part of the hospital to stop the infusion of medical behavior, Shanxi and other places have also followed up, small cold infusion of abnormal medical conditions are being improved. For a long time, the abuse of antibiotics and intravenous infusion of flooding in China criticized the excessive medical behavior, the Chinese official has been committed to curb the irrational medical behavior, change the public health habits, medical and public nature of inclusive regression. China’s inland city of Changzhi, Shanxi, the health sector to cancel outpatient infusion notice nearly a month. Recently, the reporter visited the people’s Hospital of Changzhi City, the main government hospital of Changzhi Medical College Affiliated Heping Hospital and many other hospitals in the city, dedicated to receiving the infusion hall, display cabinet vacant, locked the door. Changzhi City People’s hospital nurse Changlu Fei told reporters, every winter, high incidence of respiratory disease, the 20 seat "here was packed". Living in rural Shanxi Lv Jinmei has a habit, every year the spring or autumn, whether or not sick, go to the local village clinics for intravenous infusion, "the first day is antiphlogistic liquid, second days and third days to lose fat milk (energy supplement)", she heard many people say that to ensure all the year round not sick. Intravenous infusion, which is considered to be the most dangerous drug in the world, is popular in China’s rural areas. Like Lv Jinmei, many people believe that infusion can quickly eliminate the disease, as well as the effectiveness of prevention. A publicly available data show that in 2011 China’s infusion market capacity of 10 billion bottles (bags) or more, equivalent to 1 billion 300 million people lost each of the 8 bottles of liquid, much higher than the international average of the level of 2.5 to 3.3 bottles. China’s first stop in the name of the provincial health department outpatient infusion of Jiangsu, Nanjing, a total of three years of comprehensive hospital outpatient transfusion volume is more than 200 thousand people, accounting for a total of ten percent. Venous transfusion is an invasive operation in medicine, which is equivalent to a small operation, so it is regarded as an international medical practice. Injection of insoluble particles into the blood circulation, prone to venous inflammation and other adverse reactions, especially with the infusion of antimicrobial drugs abuse, will eventually lead to drug free." Shanxi city of Changzhi Province medical affairs chief Wang Yuhua said, generally speaking, is only for emergency and severe transfusion patients can not eat with the last administration". School of politics and public administration, public administration of Shanxi University Dr. Yan Ying think, "popular in the folk medicine infusion behavior" is the "guide", "government investment in public hospitals, hospital long-term" to take the medicine "," rely on more drugs and more checks, big party "to pursue the income." Yan Ying for reporters calculate a bill, in the treatment effect is equivalent to the case, a box of levofloxacin tablets (a kind of anti-inflammatory drugs), the price is 12 yuan, can be served for 3 days; and the same)相关的主题文章: