Anhui black fly crash victims to sue for damages of more than 340 families of the pilots in Beijing-瀬名アスカ

Anhui "black fly" crash victims to sue for damages of more than 340 families of the pilots – Beijing yesterday, killing pilot Zhao Xinyu family members to participate in the trial, the defendant claims to the company involved in the crash. The wreckage of the crashed Zhao Xinyu. In March 1st this year, Zhao Xinyu’s father Zhao Lansheng to his son burning in the plane crash site. In May 2015, a small plane crashed in Anhui, Suixi, the United States pilot Jason and Chinese pilot died in the city of Zhao Xinyu. According to the identification of the accident, the flight is not qualified in the organization side, do not have the state of airworthiness carried out, is a black fly". The two pilots of the family according to the accident investigation report finds responsibility related to the flight of Beijing Joe sea aviation equipment Co. Ltd., Henan George Heinz Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Ltd, and the two companies responsible for Chen Wei to court. Yesterday, the case in Miyun court hearing. Jason’s parents asked the three defendants to compensate for the loss of more than $167, including $100 thousand in mental damages, including compensation, Zhao Xinyu’s parents made a $200 thousand compensation for mental damages, including $1 million 820 thousand. Three defendants said that the crash was caused by the pilot’s fault. The two pilots of the "black fly" were killed last May 3rd, a small plane took off from Anhui Suixi County, a few minutes suddenly crashed, machine Chinese pilots and American pilots killed Jason Zhao xinyu. The reason for the accident, East China civil aviation authority made "accident investigation report" analysis "as the pre sent units or the pilot was not the mission report to the relevant units, the aircraft is not installed on the flight recording equipment, it is not for the incident to make objective analysis." The report concluded that the accident, the aircraft involved Beijing Joe sea aviation equipment Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Qiao Hai company) production, but did not get the type accreditation certificate and production license Chinese civil aviation; without obtaining the certificate of Airworthiness of civil aviation, Chinese nationality registration certificate and civil aircraft station licence. The survey report pointed out that the implementation of a foreign flight personnel did not hold the Aviation Licence or China license certification letter machine; the activity is not to the air traffic control department, civil aviation in the declaration; this incident as an illegal flight general aviation general aviation accident. And this is not registered flight, the so-called "black fly". The survey report also showed that Joe sea company and the Henan George Heinz Aircraft Manufacturing Company Limited (referred to as George Heinz company) Chen Wei actual control. Aircraft components in the accident was commissioned by Chen Wei, a company in Beijing, in Beijing to complete the assembly, in April last year, shipped to the company of George, inc.. After the incident, Zhao Xinyu’s father, Suixi, the first Anhui county government sued to the court, asked the local government to investigate the accident report approved by the. Attorney said that the government once the accident investigation report was approved, it means that the investigation report on the nature of the accident, the causes and consequences of the final confirmation. After Zhao Lansheng withdrawal, and Sue the responsible person in the accident report. The families of the victims of the "black fly" Wei company v.相关的主题文章: