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The public ATM machine to withdraw money out of the bank: forget coupons counting out (Figure) – Sohu China Daily News (reporter Yang Hao) for two people to get money from the ATM machine, spit out is 7 "cash vouchers", such a thing happened in Xianyang yesterday. Two people have taken out from the ATM point of banknotes yesterday morning 8 am, Mr. Li people to see a doctor at the Affiliated Hospital of Shaanxi University of TCM, take money cash machines in the hall, after the success of the transaction, spit out five coins "". "What is the point of banknotes?" Mr. Lee said he really did not expect, and the transaction was also successful. Subsequently, Mr. Lee printed the transaction certificate, which shows that he was indeed removed 500 yuan on the card, and the phone will also receive a transaction record. An old man surnamed Li, who was behind him, also encountered the same situation. "I took two times out of 100 yuan, two cash coupons." Lee said the old man, after the occurrence of such a situation, the people behind the queue to get the money did not continue to take money on the ATM machine. "I pressed the alarm button on the ATM, and someone called me and said the machine was broken." Mr. Li said, shortly after a staff member, the withdrawal authorities, the inside of the other point of banknotes removed. The staff said that the machine fails, will soon put money into our account." Mr. Li said. Yesterday morning at 9 am, when the China Daily reporter arrived, many people are still talking about this matter. China Daily reporter noted that the size of two Li to the point of banknotes and real hundred dollar bills as above except printed coupons counting three characters, and the people’s Bank of Chinese and 100 digital words. Bank: maintenance after failure did not take out coupons counting "ATMs in how cash voucher?" With doubt, the China Daily reporter went to the Bank of Xianyang branch of the ATM machine, the relevant staff explained that the ATM machine a few days ago there was a failure, and then they contact the manufacturers repair. "The maintenance of good, to be tested with a special counting coupons, the machine parameters are in accordance with these coupons counting settings, so you can spit out, can the success of the transaction." The staff said that the ATM machine repaired, the staff did not take out cash vouchers notice they fixed it. And the banks do not know the point of banknotes ATM, two customers just to get money, will take the ticket counter. This is a mistake on our work, the first time after the incident we contacted the customer, the money has been returned to them." The staff said that after they retrieved the background records found, in addition to the above two customers, and no one else to take money out of cash coupons. Yesterday afternoon, Xi’an, a large state-owned bank staff told the China Daily reporter, general ATM machine is faulty, the bank will contact the factory to repair, maintenance personnel maintenance after tested by real currency or cash coupons, confirming that no fault and remove the test notes, and then notify the bank. And the bank confirmed that when troubleshooting, will also be used to test the real currency, no problem will be enabled after confirmation. So, since ATM can spit coupons counting,.相关的主题文章: