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Really limited Han? The movie drama all not to broadcast pictures Tencent entertainment news (text tree new interview kapas) 18 evening, micro-blog broke people "TV observation" revealed "limit to Han" in a big upgrade, internal notification screenshot and affixed to a suspected Jiangsu TV, said in the notice Jiangsu TV station (Jiangsu TV, Jiangsu Province Taiwan ground channels) are not to broadcast a Korean star endorsement of any advertisement, the reporter learned by insiders, other TV including CCTV, have received a similar notice. It is reported that the Korean limit, the general administration did not conduct a formal public posting, but to inform the relevant person in charge of the TV, and then carried out by the person in charge of spiritual communication, the major TV have received the notice. The industry sources, the notice requirements including Korean, Korean movies, Korean Star television variety, according to the South Korean film and television adaptations are not allowed to broadcast, but have to get approval, the homemade variety on the introduction of the Korean model, "the masked singer", "daddy go" (watch). In the Korean variety show broadcast mode is escaped unharmed, but the notice is limited in commercials and Han endorsement, the industry did not give a definite answer. According to industry sources, the notice of all the rules not only for satellite TV, but also includes a network platform, so that the equivalent of large, small screen blocked a variety of Korean faces.相关的主题文章: