The Tiangong two the foundation of Chinese space station era – Beijing-海思k3v2

The "Tiangong two": the foundation of Chinese space station era – Beijing "Tiangong two" model "launch Tiangong two" Long March two F T2 rocket in September, the depths of the desert Chinese Jiuquan satellite launch center in Chinese Aerospace new milepost: space laboratory "the first truly I in the Tiangong two scheduled launch. As an important step Chinese space station program, "Tiangong two" will complete the regenerative cycle system, payload and system experiments and other research projects, and then ushered in the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft, to build China belongs to us "space home" to lay a solid foundation in the vast space. A comprehensive physical examination to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong in September 9th, "Tiangong two" space laboratory and the Long March two F T2 rocket flight products to complete the assembly test the technology work, and "Tiangong two rocket combination carrying mobile launching platform out of assembly test building, drive about 1.5 hours after the vertical transport to launch area," Tiangong two "space laboratory mission officially entered the launch phase. "Temple No. two" and the Long March two F T2 rocket before liftoff, to carry out a series of function test and combined test. 11 at noon "Tiangong two" mission launched a joint exercise area of each system, joint exercises the comprehensive examination is equivalent to the "Temple No. two," the health of each system are of great significance. It is understood that this exercise is a rocket ignition forward 3 hours critical period of the task, it can be said that the password is the most intensive, most of the action phase. In order to exercise, "Tiangong two" and the Long March two F T2 rocket has been electrified, the camera can return the clear picture of the stable, the system is in good condition. At the same time, the Rockets also conduct a simulated flight, although in the tower did not really fly, but the equipment to be in accordance with the whole process of the exercise from the ignition off to the final orbit about 580 seconds of time, close to the launch state at that time. In addition, there are many times after the exercise test, truly ensure that no danger of anything going wrong. The scope of the exercise will be extended to the country, all over the space will be involved in the measurement and control station, the state of all tasks to confirm. In the launch area to carry out the "Temple No. two" space laboratory and the Long March two F T2 rocket function test and combined test work, the completion of the final status confirmation, rocket propellant, China Aerospace history a remarkable feat kicked off. Equipped with a device of manned spacecraft record "Tiangong two" space laboratory from the appearance of "Tiangong-1" and not what is different, or composed of resources and experimental class two class cabin, but the inside is different, also assume different tasks. The "Tiangong two" compared to the "Tiangong-1", not only the equipment better, higher loading capacity, better internal environment, equipped with more advanced equipment. It is equipped with a new set of space application system of scientific equipment, regardless of the number or complexity of the installation, have created the most manned spacecraft mission. For example, for the first time built a liquid loop verification system.相关的主题文章: