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Lippi’s inaugural declaration of the country: a large area of the recruitment of Hengda players – Sohu news Lippi! The afternoon of October 28th Beijing time, China Football Association held a news conference in Beijing, the national football team Chinese officially entered the Lippi time". At the press conference, Cai Zhenhua, chairman of the football association and I have been the focus of the world’s most concerned about the response to the issue of the response to the question, the president of the Football Association, President of the United States, and the response to the question of the focus of attention of the outside world. For Lippi’s salary problem, according to international practice, said the need to keep secret of Cai Zhenhua". But for his specific target, China men after Lippi said, China in the round of 12 has not completely lost hope, will continue to fight. In the future, Lippi said he would also help the long-term development of Chinese football into consideration. Hengda out how much money? Cai Zhenhua: Secret in the domestic media flash surrounded by the attention of the office of the press conference was held in in Beijing. For there had been speculation, Lippi annual salary of 20 million euros, of which 15 million 500 thousand euros for the club, Chinese Football Association Cai Zhenhua at the press conference did not directly disclose the facts. Salary issues, due to the internationally prevailing coach pay confidentiality and contract confidentiality issues, can not reveal too much." Cai Zhenhua said. "The Chinese Football Association has made great efforts to provide a very good salary, and Lippi reached a consensus. But Lippi is not because of how much salary to accept the job, he is more out of the feelings of Chinese football to help the development of Chinese football." For Hengda in which the role played, Cai Zhenhua did not mention the word money. The appointment of Lippi did get help and support Hengda, Hengda initiative to lift the contract between Lippi and, and played an important role in the communication bridge. The legal procedure, Hengda and Lippi signed, China FA and Lippi signed a deal with Lippi, Hengda foot school, is the three independent and effective legal act." Lippi will only serve the Chinese Football Association, and Hengda does not matter. The football association will not be on the Hengda Club differently, will continue to follow the principles of fairness and justice to all club, I hope everyone supervision." At the same time, Cai Zhenhua also deliberately stressed that the source of wages will not come from the training costs of Lippi. "I hope Lippi in their own work, to help the youth and other Guozihao, but the salary is not from the youth. Youth training is our top priority, the football association in the youth training system made a comprehensive arrangement, investment is also growing." Lippi: the 12 race also play a game, to recruit more players for the new rival Lippi, world cup 12 strong match is a pressing matter of the moment. November 15th, the country will be in fifth games in Kunming to meet the challenge of qatar. Prior to this, the national foot four games scored only 1 points, has almost lost the top three of the shock group hopes, but in the eyes of Lippi, the country has not enough time to give up the soldiers. At present, the national team in the 12 game, the situation is more difficult, we also believe that the opportunity is not large. Now we need to unite as one, to do our best to play our part"相关的主题文章: