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The ninth cross strait Cultural Industry Fair will be opened in Taiwan – Channel – Beijing 30 September,   the ninth cross strait Fair will be held at the Xiamen International Exhibition Center from November 4th to November 7th this year. The cross strait Fair will be a heritage, creative future "as the theme," prominent on both sides, prominent industry, outstanding investment, outstanding transactions "for the purpose, to deepen cross-strait cultural exchanges and docking industry, is currently the number of domestic exhibitors the most comprehensive exhibition in Taiwan, the most extensive coverage. After eight years of cultivation, cross-strait cultural industry has become an important platform for cross-strait cultural docking in Taiwan last year, over 737 exhibitors, the exhibition benefits of excellence, and won the "2015 annual Chinese cultural creative industry is the most characteristic ten fair first name". The cross strait fair exhibition area of over 60000 square meters, with 3100 booths, focusing on the process of art "and" creative design "and" digital content "and" Cultural Creative Tourism "four sections," to build cross-strait art trading technology exhibition "," new forces on both sides of the artistic design week "," the digital content industry conference "and" Taiwan winchance Shopping Festival "and" show, a week, a day later, "four big brands event, showing a deep view of the industry high-end cultural feast for the majority of merchants, the masses of the people. The current cross-strait cultural main exhibition will be "process of art" and "creative design" and "digital content" and "Cultural Creative Tourism" four major sections. The "creative design" section will focus on the cultural relics of IP derivatives design, "cross strait Internet +IP derivatives design industry conference" and "cross strait Internet +IP derivatives design exhibition will show the wonderful debut. This forum will bring together the Alibaba’s largest IP authorized trading platform – "Ali fish", WeChat maps, the 12 most representative of the museum, the 80 cross-strait cultural and creative tourism city and the scenic area, and Taiwan five cultural and creative design association, hundreds of famous enterprises, the new situation of joint development of cross-strait cooperation in IP design. At the same time, Fujian province held the most creative cultural products selection ", nearly 40 representatives of both sides of the creative design of the highest level of colleges and universities to participate in the" cross strait University Art Design Award "," the two sides university research project matchmaking activities. At the same time, a very Chuangyun platform will also launched during the exhibition, to create online display docking, extension services offline mode. This fair will also make full use of Taiwan’s cultural and creative resources, to the municipal government administrative department of culture and cultural creative association, cultural and creative enterprises as the target, to provide customized services on both sides of the Straits Wenchuang mobile classroom. The main contents of the course include open class, cultural salon, cultural and creative park site visits, Fujian province key cultural and creative projects, such as exchange docking. Cross strait cultural and creative mobile classroom, all in the first mainland museum will launch a new model combining the exhibition and creative mobile classroom, the first gathering area of Taiwan into the scale of the docking platform to build links with the mainland experts and scholars to specific objects, the move will effectively increase the number of professional customers, but also will be the channel don’t have in the development of cross-strait cultural aspects of merchants)相关的主题文章: