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Li Keqiang held talks in Beijing – Xinhua news agency, Ottawa in September 22, with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau (reporter Ren Jun Keshang) Premier Li Keqiang 22 morning local time in the Ottawa parliament held talks with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. Li Keqiang said that the friendship between China and Canada has a long history, the relationship between the two countries have long been in the forefront of China’s relations with the west. During the visit of prime minister and officially launched the annual dialogue mechanism, the relations between the two countries is facing new opportunities for development. We are willing to strengthen the exchanges and high-level exchanges, enhance political mutual trust, deepen pragmatic cooperation, to build a new Sino Canadian relations ten years of gold, and better benefit the people of the two countries. Li Keqiang pointed out that the Canadian economy has a high degree of complementarity. China is willing to strengthen economic and trade exchanges with the Canadian side in a solid and stable manner, with an open attitude to carry out the feasibility study of FTA, in line with the spirit of fair competition and friendly cooperation to jointly develop the third party market. We hope that Canada will relax restrictions on exports of high-tech products to China, and fully release the potential of economic cooperation between the two countries. The two sides also expand cooperation in financial services, education, culture, tourism, local and other broad areas of communication. Li Keqiang said the leaders of the group of twenty summit recently held in Hangzhou to build innovative, dynamic, interactive, inclusive of the world economy describes the vision. China is ready to strengthen communication and cooperation with the United States to jointly safeguard peace and stability in the region and the world, and contribute to global economic growth. Trudeau welcomed Prime Minister Li Keqiang’s official visit to Canada, and said that the Prime Minister of Canada to start the annual dialogue mechanism for deepening bilateral relations, expand pragmatic cooperation is of great significance. Canada is willing to seize the opportunity with China, strengthen dialogue at all levels, deepen economic and trade relations, to discuss the FTA negotiations and other issues in a constructive way to expand exchanges and cooperation in the field of local, judicial, cultural and other fields. The two sides also can tap complementary advantages, to carry out the full release of the third market cooperation in areas such as nuclear energy potential, realize mutual benefit and win-win. Trudeau said the Prime Minister Lee attended the United Nations refugee immigration meeting and put forward China’s views and made an important contribution to deal with difficult immigration problems. Canada is willing to work with China to strengthen coordination and cooperation in multilateral areas and jointly respond to global challenges. The two sides also exchanged in-depth views on international and regional issues of common concern. After the talks, the two prime ministers witnessed the signing of 14 bilateral cooperation in trade, cooperation between the third parties, agriculture, law enforcement, tourism, customs, aviation, quality inspection and other areas of cooperation documents. Before the talks, Trudeau Cartier in the ceremony hall for Li Keqiang held a grand welcome ceremony. Li Keqiang walked onto the podium, the military band played music for gun salute, the guard of honor ceremony, played the scene with national anthems, outdoor airing 19 gun salute. Li Keqiang inspected the guard of honor accompanied by Trudeau.相关的主题文章: