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News analysis: RMB "into the basket" will consolidate Hongkong’s offshore renminbi Center – Hong Kong – Xinhua news agency in Hongkong on 29 September, (reporter Zhan Yan Su Xiao) yuan is included in the SDR currency basket (SDR), experienced a pregnancy in October, will take effect on October 1st. The industry is expected, its effect will be "slow", the current will not bring dramatic changes, but the long-term will strengthen Hongkong’s offshore RMB center position. Hang Seng Bank executive director and director of global banking and capital markets, Feng Xiaozhong believes that as soon as the RMB SDR currency into effect, the overall impact of the currency market in Hongkong in the short term. But in the long run, it will have a greater impact when it is actually used. At the same time, the Bank of Hongkong is to strengthen infrastructure construction, many banks are stepping up the RMB clearing the preparatory work, but still depends on the change of the market, to see the "The Belt and Road, loans, capital market will use rmb. As a SDR currency, the use of the renminbi also needs to promote the mainland, said Feng Xiaozhong. Hongkong senior investment banker Wen Tianna believes that the RMB internationalization has always helped the positioning of Hongkong as a global offshore RMB center and chief China chief international financial center, if Hongkong can put a spurt in innovation, there will be a greater stage. BOC Hongkong development planning, "said senior economic researcher, Hongkong offshore RMB center is one of the earliest and largest and most abundant products and most complete offshore RMB market. Hongkong to carry out RMB business for nearly 12 years, the RMB funds more than half of the global precipitation in this, the actual delivery of RMB transactions has been more active, including foreign exchange, derivatives trading and bond trading. "Hongkong will seize the opportunity to join SDR yuan." It is expected that the RMB into the basket after the entry into force, the Hongkong banking industry will increase marketing efforts to provide a variety of financial services to international customers. In fact, Hongkong banks have been expanding renminbi business to seize the opportune moment. Over the past few years, the Ministry of finance every year to the central object of foreign countries, the issuance of special treasury bonds, attracting more and more foreign banks to enter the Hongkong market. HSBC vice president and chief executive officer Wang Dongsheng told local media that the renminbi "basket" to "soup". He believes that the RMB into the SDR after the entry into force, the international demand for its time to slowly pot, but will slow down after the first fast, when the RMB is universal, and its international pace will be faster. The industry believes that the basket did not impact the exchange rate, but will stabilize the market expectations of the RMB exchange rate. Feng Xiaozhong said that the current RMB pricing transparency is relatively high, pricing and dollars per day and other currencies, the exchange rate market is estimated with the people’s Bank also announced the exchange rate is not far away. He did not think there are too many market speculation, market speculation is most analysts say, traders can not see, can not see because of the RMB "into the basket" what big speculation, short selling, turnover is not enlarged. As the third largest shareholder of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and new相关的主题文章: