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"Sparta" male widow memories of her husband died 5 years tear "Spartacus: blood and sand" first season starring Andy Whitefield in the Andy and Vasti couple pair is for two people have a son and a daughter and her husband together for many years, very affectionate Sina entertainment news Beijing on November 1st news, according to foreign media reports, an epic drama "Spartacus: blood and sand" is a sad story behind the scenes: the first season starring Andy Whitfield (Andy Whitfield) died of illness in 2011, was only less than 40 years old, starring nor no substitutions. Andy’s wife (Vashti Whitfield) recently in her new book, "Spartacus and I", a detailed recall of her husband’s last days. After reading the life of the people, please cherish this happiness: the origin of Andy was back pain at that time, in 2010, he was diagnosed with non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a tumor wrapped around his spine. The cancer spread quickly, and the doctor advised him to hurry up, or he would not be able to walk within 3 weeks. Even so, the couple is also very optimistic. Vasti wrote: "we never felt like, ‘oh my God, can Andy survive?’ I never thought about it, Andy. We never questioned that treatment may have no effect." The treatment did have an effect, and the tumor shrank after 6 courses of chemotherapy. In June 2010, just 5 months after the initial diagnosis, Andy’s results showed that he had recovered. Washi said: "we gave a fatal blow to cancer. We experience it, experience it, and beat it. Dr. Doocey said, "OK, you can go on living." We did it too." But the family joy did not last, not long after Andy to go back to take "Spartacus", for which he had to do a medical examination, but the examination showed that although he has tried a variety of treatments, including chemotherapy in the "heavy" type, but the cancer returned, and the more serious. Documentary filmmaker Lili (Foster) captured the family’s struggle and courage, she asked, "how can you turn the news of despair into a positive one?" (Lilibet)" Vasti replied, "what else can you do?" "(positive coping) does not mean you can get a happy ending," Vasti wrote, "but this is the meaning of what you have gained, we should fully grasp and use it, it might be great stuff." Andy has one last chance to go to New Zealand for acupuncture treatment for cancer. So the two friends to accompany him to New Zealand, Vashti sat glued to her children in Sydney. But soon she got a call: Andy’s condition worsened. She flew to Sydney and found her husband’s body was in what she thought was the beginning of collapse. You can imagine her sadness fear on the plane back to Sydney, "my seat and Andy just across the aisle, there is a small point, I couldn’t see clearly his face, so the three small)相关的主题文章: