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Guangxi: man naked robbery planted in the hands of "beautiful aunt" (Figure) original title: man naked robbery, planted in the hands of the beautiful aunt recently, Hezhou City Police Department uncovered a wonderful robbery, the suspect was naked robbery. Since July this year, Hezhou City Public Security Bureau of the city police station connected to three night single women to be in the city at the foot of the Ling Feng robbery alarm, according to the three statement of the victim, the suspect is a naked young man. After receiving the report, the Hezhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of the city police station police team immediately carry out investigation work. After the transfer of video surveillance, the police also mobilize the masses to participate in. Have a dance in Lingfeng Plaza "beautiful aunt" team summoned to the police station, the suspect interception of pictures by the "beautiful aunt" street team issued leaflets, collecting clues to the suspects. There is a beautiful aunt after watching the image, said she had seen the man repeatedly in the peak of the cave in the vicinity of the day. After learning of the situation, the city police station police gathered a "carpet style" of the spirit mountain search. Kung Fu people, on the afternoon of August 25th, 5 are dancing in the peak square beautiful aunt to report to the police, said they found the name at the foot of the mountain, abnormal suspects". Hezhou citizens aunt Lee: there is an aunt see later to tell us about the Internet this seems to be the person you see naked crime like we speak a bit like we call the police police arrested the suspects left immediately rushed to the scene. After the trial, he left a truthful confession, the implementation of the 3 Qiangduo in Ling san under the facts of the crime. Left a three crime grab a mobile phone and a number of yuan in cash. Police investigators said that the left is not mentally handicapped or mentally disabled, but he did not work, because of lack of money to implement the robbery. The suspect left a: why not wear clothes do not wear pants to grab the girl watching the girls didn’t look at the clothes girls dare not look at you feel good so grab a grab in the city of Hezhou City Public Security Bureau police station deputy director Huang Zhicheng: this case is a series of vicious robbery for the lone woman and single night in the downtown area Lingfeng Plaza in this case is very bad at night alone female criminals can easily become the target, if you walk at night alone, female friends please don’t wear the headset, alert, when the danger on passersby for help. Conditional female friends can learn Taekwondo, martial arts, in self-defense, or carry anti wolf spray, batons self-defense相关的主题文章: