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Global Connections: APEC partners gathered in Lima to look forward to the "Chinese power" – Sohu Xinhua news agency in Beijing in November 18, global connections: APEC partners gathered in Lima to look forward to the "Chinese power" Xinhua News Agency reporter Ye Shuhong Li Xuedi November South America, spring scenery. The ancient city of Peru Lima costumes for APEC (APEC) for the twenty-fourth informal summit opening. Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the meeting, and Asia Pacific partners to seek common development strategy. At present, the world’s economic growth momentum is insufficient, trade and investment downturn, accompanied by the rise of protectionism, economic globalization twists and turns. How to break through the global economy of sub health? The world’s eyes are focused on Lima, China’s role is concerned. Look forward to the "Asia Pacific Growth China power" in the Asia Pacific region is still driving world economic growth locomotive "last year, APEC leaders’ informal meeting, President Xi Jinping made the above statement. As an important engine of economic growth in Asia, China’s economy naturally attract the eyes of Asia Pacific partners. "China plays" locomotive "role in the Asia Pacific economy," Singapore senior research scholar of International Research Institute of Nanyang Technology University Hu Yishan Rajaratnam told Xinhua News Agency reporters interview said. He believes that China’s economy into the new normal, still able to maintain the growth rate of 6% to 7%, indicating that China will become an important driving force for the revitalization of the Asia Pacific economy. The world looks at the Asia Pacific, Asia Pacific china. APEC25 years, China and Asia Pacific Economic integration. At present, 62% of China’s trade, the actual use of foreign investment of 83%, foreign direct investment of 68% are APEC members. How the engine works directly affects the economic vitality of the Asia Pacific region. University of Nacional Autonoma Mexico professor of international law Ignacio? Cortes said: "the current background, the economic growth rate reached 3.5% to 4% of the world economy may be difficult, a pressing matter of the moment is in the Asia Pacific region in the world is full of great vitality to take new measures to revive the economy, China engine and the leading role is the key." This year, China’s economy is running smoothly in a reasonable range, deepening economic transformation and upgrading. In the first half, China’s economy to achieve 6.7% growth. Stephen, a senior researcher at Yale University, believes that if this growth rate, China’s contribution to world economic growth this year will reach 39%. On the eve of the Lima conference, "China opportunity" has once again become a financial news high frequency word. Mexico ink research center Professor Sergio? Martinez told reporters: "Chinese process of economic transformation in the growing middle class, and thus gave birth to a huge consumer market, will greatly boost the Asia Pacific economy, boost world economic growth on track." Look forward to the "Asia Pacific Development Chinese lead" in November 2014, Beijing Yanqi lake, Asia Pacific partners to discuss cooperation plans, historic start the process of Asia Pacific Free Trade Zone, the Asia Pacific Partnership construction decision for the future development, innovation, growth linkage, integration benefits of open economy, develop)相关的主题文章: