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"The wedding" why "feeling" negative for Sui Yung Lang love group alliance Sohu entertainment Sui Yongliang as Zheng     entertainment news recently produced by Sohu, Tak television, Yao Di, and Sui Yongliang have high value Yan starring idol drama "marriage" why, since the launch has set off a "urban emotional heat", tap water is in a variety of social networking platform of Amway this "best emotional drama of conscience". As the story Jianrugaochao, played by actor Sui Yongliang’s virgin cancer heart surgeon Zheng Yan won the sought after heat, with its "professional knowledge + onegirl + adorable stay warm" people make a lot of friends to have micro-blog powder, in the following message: "Sui Yongliang is the new generation of warm adorable uncle, storm acting line!" Sui Yongliang cuyi two and then was a crisis of confidence in the words "warm" Zheng restart mode not long after, he and Jenna style would love a sudden turn for the worse, the ship once again suffered a collision. In the play, Wang Luyi admitted to hospital because of illness, Zheng said that his doctor. Fangxinbuxia you quietly visiting king Louis, who was a seemingly ambiguous words Zheng caught a jealousy in Zheng words hearts grow up, "Zheng rice" two people will live in peace round. As a typical Virgo Zheng Yan although good warm heart, but it is difficult to tolerate the marriage is not perfect. Each determined to turn the past but he still can not stand you and Louis two people again "with the box". Many netizens expressed concern about the long road of love two people: Zheng words and marriage as General Wang Ping, the storm was just a homely food vinegar, by Zheng said will continue to do the warm men do. Sui Yongliang the feelings of frustration for groups of "chasing love" alliance while Zheng because Wang Luyi and Jenna once the relationship between mind and feel depressed; on the other side of the Wang Luyi heart favor of Huang Ling in the profession after failure was also lost. So "bosom friend" combination together, each other heart grievances, Huang Ling also advised the feelings of frustration Zheng words bold pursuit of happiness. In order to prevent the sweetheart Wang Luyi and Jenna rekindling, Huang Ling a heart of hope and Zheng words formingalliances their guardian love. At the same time, meal requirements and licensing order as soon as possible at Zheng said, indeed under the double impact of Zheng and say about a job, meal, yiyanbuge two people had a quarrel, before the sweet moments of life to naught. When it comes to play the role of Zheng, Sui Yongliang said: "Zheng Yan’s heart is in fact very simple and innocent, he just want a taste of a good meal,. Although the method may be inappropriate for you but love has not changed from the beginning to the end, he wanted to study with the same feelings towards him. He really too much tolerance for this marriage, and love for many times to break the bottom line, this love is actually very deep". Zheng Yan and van Persie will be how to restore the trust crisis, bury the hatchet; Zheng said Wang Luyi contradictions and in turn how to resolve this matter of love, the tug of war is still staged. More wonderful story, please continue to focus on Anhui TV, Shenzhen TV prime time broadcast of the "marriage" why.相关的主题文章: