57Keith is the emotional impact of poor play pointed out the biggest harvest in 2016|Keith is the emotional impact of poor play pointed out the biggest harvest in 20160

Keith was playing the tension of poor pointed out that in 2016 the biggest harvest Keith sina sports news last year Zhuhai classic work Keith a step closer to occupation career for the first time in the finals. However, in the case of only one win can qualify, the United States did not live up to the pressure of the new star, in a tense mood to play a disorder. After the game, she also mentioned this point many times, and this will be a big problem in the future she needs to overcome. In just a set can progress, Keith could not overcome anxiety, and against halep game, no American star should hit the state. "I’m in a nervous mood today, and I need a better control of emotions. When I am in a state of high tension, my level will drop a lot. But it was a rare experience to come here, and I worked very hard to be proud of my performance. I hope I can play in the finals so I can handle the tension better." Of course, the 21 year old Keith, she has a very bright future, there is plenty of time to prove myself. "I have to improve a lot, this is my first time to participate in the finals, I can not play the best mood, but this may happen in many people. I still have room for improvement, which is not a bad thing, you need to find a problem and overcome it. 21 years old, I may not do the best, but I hope there will be more opportunities to correct it." Know how to get into the semi-finals, without the help of Keith set necessary to accomplish the goal, but affect the game in her mood, she again stressed that he needs more powerful heart. "I think this is indeed a part of the reason why I’m nervous, when you get to know when a disk can occur, such a situation is not much to see, it makes me nervous and anxious, even more than my tennis, I think today’s performance obviously, I have no good treatment of anxiety, this is after I try to place." Of course, if in the same situation, Keith confidence can do better. "If you have a similar experience, which will make it easier for you to deal with the same situation, it is a new experience for me, and now it belongs to me." The 2016 season ended in failure, but Keith was very pleased with his performance. "My biggest gain is that I have to continue to urge myself to qualify for the competition, and I may not have been particularly good. I think it’s a big step for me. I also see a lot of emotions so that I did not play the best, I will communicate with members of the team. It’s disappointing to end the season in this way, but I’m proud of my performance throughout the year." Finally when it comes in their current position, and the lack of time, he said. "I think I’m getting better and better, but sometimes I’m not very confident, and that’s what I have in my tennis. That’s another thing I have to learn."