57Hengda success has the secret high investment! Bonus 865 million (video)|Hengda success has the secret high investment! Bonus 865 million (video)3

Hengda secret to successful high investment! A total bonus 865 million [] the whole planning review Hengda this season road win six consecutive. No one can stop in the leather with a smile sitting in the Tianhe stadium in the night, seems to have been written. Although the process is not perfect, in the face of the newly promoted Yanbian Fuld, Hengda once and even some passive. But a score of 1 to 1, has been sufficient to ensure the completion of the two rounds of the championship ahead of schedule. With the hand of this championship, Hengda also surprisingly realized in 6 consecutive years. To tell the truth, in 6 consecutive years, is not easy. Especially in the past two years, many clubs have increased investment, Hengda leading edge is not so obvious. However, this season, Hengda or by virtue of their own stable enough to play, the championship back home. Lippi witnessed the Hengda six consecutive 6 years, the 6 champion, Hengda is how to do it? At the beginning of the 865 million prize money for the Hengda 6 consecutive championships, and not because of the bonus that rival is more win. This amazing number of bonuses is actually able to get into a super Hengda super, and then quickly won a miniature rocket speed. Because willing to invest, because to hired the world famous, because to world-class foreign aid, Hengda can quickly become a team, and continued to complete 6 consecutive. Bonus from the start of the season. Last night the home court failed to draw with Yanbian, Hengda harvest bonus, but this season in the League Hengda total prize money has reached 96 million, plus AFC Champions League game of 17 million and 8 million 400 thousand, the FA Cup and Super Cup, the annual bonus reached 121 million 400 thousand. It is worth mentioning that this is the 6 season Hengda, the last one to achieve a single season bonus super feat, a total of a total of 6 seasons to send a bonus of 865 million, is absolutely the only one of the super. Specific things, just rose in the 2011 season, because there is no AFC Champions League events, but in the 5 million to win the prize and it’s not upside down policy, Hengda in that year won the 104 million prize; the 2012 season, Hengda total prize money of 127 million 500 thousand for the whole of the 2013 season, is constant; the big bonus hit 200 million for the first time yuan. The season with AFC Champions League and two Champions League, Hengda soldiers who won 219 million prize; the 2014 season, when the season Hengda stop AFC Champions League 8, the total annual bonus is only 87 million 400 thousand; the 2015 season, Hengda is a big harvest, AFC Champions League total prize money reached 126 million 500 thousand, with a total of 205 million 500 thousand super bonus. Stable international team of course, Hengda money is not just spent on bonuses. In fact, perhaps from the acquisition of big international super Hengda Neiyuan, the market will show that the transfer fee of tens of millions of. In 6 years in the course of the Champions League, Hengda has 4 players have been in, they are Zheng Zhi, Feng Xiaoting, and Zhang Linpeng and Gao Lin, and so on, in the course of the 6 years. The four people in the past 6 years, has always been the backbone of Chinese football. It is their persistence in Hengda, Hengda has now played a stable. This year is already the seventh year of Zheng Zhi, although he is already at the age of 36.