57Guangdong Media rebounds three points are out of the standard Guangdong need to save the United Arab|Guangdong Media rebounds three points are out of the standard Guangdong need to save the United Arab7

Guangdong Media: three points and lost the rebounds Guangdong ace " Las " save the first game defeat, Guangdong Miss Yi Guangzhou daily news (reporter Huang Wei) Guangdong Hongyuan in Taiyuan more than 74 to 109 loss to the Shanxi team, 35 points, hit a poor record of Southern China tiger the history of lost ball! The last section is less than 4 minutes, the red score card, the ratio of 100 is so dazzling. Hongyuan coach Du Feng called a timeout. He called Zhou Zhandong to the side, began to decorate the press. This time after the suspension, both for the entire class. This time the press did not perform well in the first round, suspended after the end of the Guangdong team’s offensive wrong, Shanxi Tian Guisen steals the ball to the back, hard to hold a basket, and the ball was also the last Guangdong team did not buckle breath. 35 points, hit a losing record hongyuan. The last time to lose lose 30 points or more in the 2010~2011 season CBA finals, Hongyuan in the third war 85 to 118 lost to Xinjiang. Start the game, it looks pretty well-matched in strength — even if the team in this change is quite big, young players a chance more, but the two sides still There is an exchange of calls. After the first day was 24 to 18 lead over the Shanxi Hongyuan, when beginning in the second quarter with a 9 than 0 attack wave counter ultra score — but the game plot, in the third quarter to complete an unexpected direction. Ceng Lingxu in Shanxi early in the third quarter with a jumper to give Shanxi a 59 to 49 lead, the Guangdong tigers like collective was lost in the next 5 minutes, not a successful attack — the team played a wave of 18 than the 0 climax. Hongyuan in the third quarter scoring quarter, only 9 points! The game, in fact, after the third quarter, has ended. After the statistics are very harsh, the Guangdong team still has some whole year of shadow play, but they really lack of outstanding pitcher — ball game three points they put 32, but only hit 5 times; in rebounding, even more than 35 to 53 lost to rivals for 18. High hopes of foreign aid Boozer, only got 11 points and 8 rebounds. After all, the team are young players, very large fluctuations, through this summer warm-up match can see, can the day before playing very well, second days to hit rate, did not feel, this is they have to pay tuition." Coach Du Feng regret to say, these players are some of the first game, some of the first time, there is no real ‘play’ too, and now let them take responsibility, it is so difficult." It’s not a bad thing to score big in the first game, and the team has a lot of time to adjust, and they have a trump card – Yi Jianlian.