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It is admitted that during the warranty period, it is possible to negotiate and recognize that during the warranty period, it is possible to negotiate the breakage of the wire and the children’s forehead. When buying crystal lights, Ms. Zhao said, the merchant promised a year of warranty. The reporter contacted Mr. Wang, the businessman who sold the lamps and lanterns. He said that the products they sell are all goods from the regular manufacturers, and there will be no quality problems. He believed that the fall of the crystal ball did not exclude the use of Ms. Zhao. After the incident, Ms. Zhao went to the police, copper Bureau police station to find the two sides face to face through consultations. No one can tell why the crystal ball suddenly dropped. At that time, the reason was not identified. She asked me to pay for it at the first meeting, so I suggested that she take the legal way. Mr. Wang said that, as for the replacement of lamps and lanterns, the two sides can negotiate. In the light of "three" category of inquiries to reporters, currently there are 22 kinds of products have been incorporated into the "three" areas, namely: bicycle, TV, TV, VCR, black and white household cameras, tape recorders, electronic organ, household refrigerator, washing machine, electric fans, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, household air conditioning, range hood, gas water heater, sewing machines, watches, motorcycle, mobile phone, telephone, mini computers, home audio-visual products, lighting is not one of them. 12315 staff said that at present, China has not yet issued a unified "three packages" of lamps and lanterns. The lamps and lanterns should be carried out in accordance with the warranty clause of the electrical apparatus. 12315, staff reminded that consumers must enter regular stores to buy things, buy regular products, ask for regular invoices, and purchase products with "Three Guarantees" commitments. If the goods are not in the "Three Guarantees", there must be rules in writing and businesses, to avoid the inconvenience after commodity problems. Li lawyers say the human rights lawyer legal approach suggests that if the negotiation fails, consumers can safeguard the legitimate rights and interests through legal channels. What consumers want to do is to retain the evidence at that time. First, it is to prove that you have bought the lamp, and the second is to prove that you have been hurt. The damage is caused by the quality problem or installation of the luminaire.

承认在质保期内可协商   承认在质保期内可协商   灯具的钢丝线断裂,还砸中孩子额头,到底是谁的责任?   赵女士说,购买水晶灯时,商家承诺质保一年。记者联系上销售灯具的商家老板王先生。他表示,自己所销售的产品都是从正规厂家进的货,不会存在质量问题。他认为,水晶球掉落不排除赵女士使用所致。   事情发生后,赵女士报了警,铜元局派出所找到双方当面进行过协商。   “水晶球为什么突然掉落,谁也说不清,当时原因都没查明,一见面她就要我赔偿,所以我建议她走法律途径。”王先生说,至于更换灯具,双方可以协商。   灯具不在“三包”范畴   记者查询到,目前我国共有22种产品被纳入“三包”范畴,分别是:自行车、彩电、黑白电视、家用录像机、摄像机、收录机、电子琴、家用电冰箱、洗衣机、电风扇、微波炉、吸尘器、家用空调器、吸排油烟机、燃气热水器、缝纫机、钟表、摩托车、移动电话、固定电话、微型计算机、家用视听产品,灯具并不在其中。   12315工作人员表示,目前我国还没有对灯具出台统一的“三包”规定。灯具应该按照电器保修条款进行。   12315工作人员提醒,消费者买东西一定要进正规商店,买正规商品,索要正规发票,并选购有“三包”承诺的产品。如果商品不在“三包”之列,一定要与商家有书面上的细则约定,以避免日后商品出现问题带来不便。   ■律师说法   可以通过法律途径维权   律师建议:如果协商不成,消费者可以通过法律途径维护合法权益。消费者要做的是保留好当时的证据,首先是证明你购买了灯具,其次是证明你受到了伤害,而伤害是由于灯具的质量问题或者安装造成的。相关的主题文章: