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This qianjiangchao typhoon tide guide please "in August eighteen tide, spectacular world without". But there is a great danger hidden behind this spectacular spectacle. And when the tide meets a typhoon, this danger will be magnified. Therefore, the Hangzhou police with a travel guide, urged the public to obey the command, security tide. Temporary traffic control sections of these days have tide line bus in Xiaoshan over the years are the key areas of Hangzhou’s mid autumn tide. The reporter learned that the traffic police department will take the following traffic control measures. From September 17, 2016 to September 19th, 9 pm to 17 pm on the day of Tonghui Road (inclusive), East River Village Boulevard (not included), Qiantang River South West dyke (including) four road, South Building (including) in Xiaoshan Administrative Region in the north, take temporary traffic control measures. Specific traffic control measures include: one, fifteen lines of view (the intersection of the new line of the pond to a section of a section of the industrial section), which prohibits all vehicles from passing through. Two, Hongda Road, highway 03 north east line extension section, fifteen red line (Tong line to the intersection of horizontal line interchange Line (Nanyang section), Tang River Bridge to the village Avenue junction) banned hazardous goods transport vehicles and tractors, agricultural vehicles and 2 tonnes (inclusive) above the truck traffic. In three, over time, will be based on the actual situation of Hongda Road, timely Road, highway 03 east line north extension section, fifteen red line (Tang line intersection to the horizontal line interchange Line (Nanyang section), Tang River Bridge to the village Avenue junction) related to the implementation of the road intersection and other temporary traffic control measures. From the implementation of one-way traffic tide area from inside to outside. Four, during this period, in addition to the above road, the public security police department will also take temporary traffic control and control measures to some areas and roads. At the same time, with the Haining Guanchao Festival (September 15th to 19), banned all trucks from the direction of Haining Xiasha development zone. During the tide, River Road, Jiangdong Road, Wentao road and other roads prohibit motor vehicle traffic and parking. Prohibit motor vehicles and non motor vehicles in the parking Qianjiang bridge, bridge, four bridge and Jiubao bridge tide. It is understood that the tide during the festival the bus company opened a tide line bus, starting from Xiaoshan bus station to the tide, recommend bus travel. The police warned the 8 tide danger point the public to choose a safe area in addition to observe the route, the police also combed several tide dangerous point. Haining, Haining old Yancang gap, Xiasha seven lattice, the beauty of Xiaoshan dam, Xiaoshan dam No. nine, seven, three Fort Fort, Jiuxi, the 8 parts of the "line" tide "back the tide" although the magnificent, but also very fierce. Police remind the tide to choose safe area tide, obey the command, and strictly comply with the warning signs on the levees along the river. Don’t bore through the convex bank, water pier, T-shaped dam, rock revetment head, salon area tide, don’t climb over the fence to the beach or to no security measures embankment near the tide. When the tide is fierce, even if standing on the shore, there is a possibility of being hurt. Whether it is a flood tide, swimming in the Qian Tang River, fishing in the lower levee, and catching cool are all high-risk behaviors. While those seemingly out of the water flood, cross dam, but also are very dangerous, not suitable for play, enjoy the cool air. In case of falling water or being hit by the tide, try to seize the fixer by the side to prevent the tide from being swept away. The surrounding people should call 110 immediately when they see the emergency of someone falling in the water.

钱江潮遇台风 这份观潮指南请收好“八月十八潮,壮观天下无”。不过,这壮观的背后却隐藏着极大的危险。而当潮水遇上台风,这份危险又会放大不少。因此,杭州警方提供了一份观潮指南,呼吁市民听从指挥,安全观潮。部分路段临时交通管控这几天有观潮专线公交 萧山历年都是杭州中秋观潮的重点区域。记者了解到,交警部门将采取以下交通管控措施。2016年9月17日至9月19日,每天9时至17时将对通惠路(含)以东、河庄大道(不含)以西、钱塘江南岸江堤(含)以南、建设四路(含)以北的萧山行政区域内,采取临时交通管控措施。具体交通管控措施包括: 一、观十五线(塘新线路口至一工段闸段),视情禁止一切车辆通行。二、鸿达路、03省道东复线北伸段、红十五线(塘新线路口至横一线互通立交段)、塘新线(南阳桥至河庄大道路口段)禁止危化品运输车、拖拉机、农用车和2吨(含)以上货车通行。三、在散场时段,将根据道路实际情况,适时对鸿达路、03省道东复线北伸段、红十五线(塘新线路口至横一线互通立交段)、塘新线(南阳桥至河庄大道路口段)等道路的相关路口实施临时交通管控措施,实施从观潮区域由内向外的单向通行。四、在此期间,除上述道路外,公安交警部门还将视情对部分区域、道路采取临时交通管控措施。同时,为配合海宁观潮节(9月15日至19日),禁止一切载货汽车从下沙开发区往海宁方向通行。观潮期间,之江路、之江东路、闻涛路等道路禁止机动车通行和停放。禁止机动车、非机动车在钱江一桥、三桥、四桥和九堡大桥停车观潮。据了解,观潮节期间公交公司开设有观潮专线公交,从萧山汽车总站出发到观潮点,建议大家公交出行。警方提醒8个观潮危险点市民要选择安全区域除了观察路线,警方还梳理了几个观潮危险点。海宁大缺口、海宁老盐仓、下沙七格、萧山美女坝、萧山九号坝、七堡、三堡、九溪,这8个地方的“一线潮”“回头潮”虽然壮美,但也非常凶猛。警方提醒,观潮要选择安全区域观潮、服从指挥,并严格遵守沿江堤坝上的警示标志。不要在涌潮经过的凹凸岸、水上码头、丁字坝、护岸的磐头、沙龙等区域观潮,不要翻越护栏到江滩或者到没有安全防护措施的堤塘附近观潮。潮水凶猛时,即使站在岸边,也有被误伤的可能。不管是涨潮退潮,在钱塘江里游泳、下堤钓鱼、乘凉都是高危行为。而那些看似露出水面的河滩、十字坝等,其实也都非常危险,不适合游玩、纳凉。万一落水或被潮水击打时,要尽量抓住身边的固定物,防止被潮水卷走。周边人员在看到有人落水的紧急情况下,应立即拨打110报警。相关的主题文章: