Zhuzhou girls lost nearly 20 hours to get them back at the rescue station (video)-helmet怎么读

Zhuzhou girls lost nearly 20 hours in police rescue station to recover the original title: Zhuzhou County girls lost nearly 20 hours from the police rescue station to recover Zhuzhou news network news September 20th September 19th morning 11 pm, Zhuzhou County Public Security Bureau police found nearly 20 hours of great niece Ma Xingxing Lu Kou Zhen Wen uncle residents lost (a pseudonym), and from the Zhuzhou city rescue station to send back home. In September 18th 1 pm, Zhuzhou County Public Security Bureau police station received the alarm Lu Kou said: the humanities grandniece Ma Xingxing (9 years old half, with intellectual disabilities) in the County near the old train station lost. The police immediately rushed to the scene, after understanding the situation, then the horses are often played and familiar with the stars to find. Two hours later, there was still no trace of the stars. While the police appease a paper, let it go back to wait for news, while contact County Public Security Bureau patrol police team, in the city district Lukou within the scope of a search. But the stars have never been found. The morning of September 19th, Lu Kou police station received a telephone call: it was found in the WeChat circle of friends, Zhuzhou city rescue station there is a girl with the police looking for girls, girls are said to be Zhuzhou County Public Security Bureau police station sent to the South island. The police immediately started to verify, basically determined that this little girl is a horse star. Subsequently, the police station, South Island Lu Kou police station went to the Zhuzhou city rescue station the child back. As soon as he got off, Ma Xingxing ran away to his grandfather. From Wen, I know that the father of the little girl is a mental illness, his mother left early, and he has been taking care of Ma Xingxing’s daily life. So, how did the child be sent to the Zhuzhou rescue station? Originally, 3 September 18th afternoon, Zhuzhou County South Island police station received a public phone: a little girl in a small shop inside for water to drink, the children look dull, has been holding a yellow ball, feel is different, so the police immediately. After the police arrived at the scene, asked the girl’s basic situation, she even answered the name of the family address is not clear, the people nearby said that the little girl had not seen. The police took her back to the police station. Because she could not learn the specific situation of the girl, and considered that the police could not take good care of her, he sent her to the rescue station in Zhuzhou, hoping to find her family as soon as possible. Seeing the children come back safe and sound, Wen was grateful to the comrades of the police station and thanked them for many times. Police again and again told the girl, do not walk in disorder, must be obedient, at the same time, ask Wen to strengthen the care of care before leaving. (reporter Li Weixi correspondent Zhang Lei) video recommendation: the girl lost the police station to find parents in the police circle.

株洲女童走失近20个小时 民警于救助站将其找回原标题:株洲县一女童走失近20个小时 民警从救助站将其找回株洲新闻网9月20日讯 9月19日上午11点左右,株洲县公安局民警找到了渌口镇居民文大爷走失近20小时的侄孙女马星星(化名),并将其从株洲市救助站接回送至家中。9月18日下午1点左右,株洲县公安局渌口派出所民警接到报警人文某称:其侄孙女马星星(9岁半,有智力障碍)在县城老火车站附近走失。民警立马赶去现场,了解情况之后,随即在马星星经常玩耍和熟悉的地方展开寻找。两个小时后,仍然没有发现马星星的踪迹。民警一边安抚文某,让其回去等候消息,一边联系县公安局巡特警大队队员,在渌口全城区范围内展开寻找。然而一直没有找到马星星。9月19日早上,渌口派出所民警接到电话称:有人在微信朋友圈里面发现,株洲市救助站有个女孩与民警寻找的女童相似,据说女孩是株洲县公安局南洲派出所民警送去的。民警马上展开核实,基本确定了这个小女孩就是马星星。随后,渌口派出所、南洲派出所的民警一起到株洲市救助站将孩子接回。一下车,马星星便朝其姑爷爷文某狂奔而去。从文某那得知:小女孩父亲是精神病患者,母亲早年离开,一直由他照顾马星星的日常生活。那么,孩子是怎么被送到株洲市救助站去的呢?原来,9月18日下午3点多,株洲县南洲派出所民警接到群众电话:有个小女孩在一个小店铺里面讨水喝,孩子神色呆滞,一直抱着一个黄色的皮球,觉得有异,所以马上报警。民警到达现场后,询问小女孩的基本情况,她连姓名家庭地址皆回答不清楚,附近群众都说没见过这个小女孩。民警将她带回派出所,由于无法获悉小女孩的具体情况,又考虑到民警不能好好照顾她,于是将她送到株洲市救助站,希望能够早日找到她的家人。看到孩子安然无恙的回来了,文某对派出所的同志感激不尽,多次道谢。民警再三嘱咐女童,不要乱走,一定要听话,同时请文某加强看管照顾后才离去。(记者 李维熙 通讯员 张蕾) 视频推荐: 女童走失警察局里不说话 民警朋友圈找到家长相关的主题文章: