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Jingxing car crashed after surgery on both sides of the skull boy space dreams are not – reporter Li Xing "I have a dream to be an astronaut……" This is Yu Boxuan’s dream. He should have been promoted to grade six of the primary school, a car accident in July 1st, which had disillusioned his dream… The 11 year old Yu Boxuan, who lives in Shijiazhuang Jingxing County Yao Xiang Jin Zhu Cun Wu jia. The morning of July 1st, Bo Xuan to help my mother to the trash, suddenly, a car passing by, he knocked. His parents rushed him to the hospital. The hospital carried out an emergency head operation for him. After the operation, Bo Xuan skull on both sides of the head are not, the skin is the brain. Until the twenty-eighth day, Yu Boxuan opened his right eye slightly and gradually became a little conscious. Yu Boxuan is very sensible at a very young age. He has worked hard and his grades have been at the top of the class. He knows his parents are not easy. He often helps his mother bring his four year old sister. For 44 days in the ICU in a hospital, Bo Xuan was transferred to the Hebei Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. The hospital organized an expert consultation to set up a set of rehabilitation programs for him. "Because no skull occlusion can lie down rest, once every move the body, the brain will sway back and forth, will cause a brain injury." Wang Zhao, the attending physician, said that now the hospital is putting in a bionic skull suitable for children for him to contact, so that only the stable part of the brain is able to carry out the next rehabilitation. However, the cost of the surgical treatment was about 300000 yuan, and his parents had spent all their savings and owed a huge amount of debt. "Only about 30 thousand yuan had been paid by the offending party. The car owner’s car insurance was 200 thousand yuan, and the insurance company paid 100 thousand yuan. Liang Haixia, his mother, said that if the bionic cranium was found, the cost of transplanting operation was about 200000 yuan, and the best rehabilitation period in a year was about sixty thousand or seventy thousand yuan. Yu Boxuan’s family called on the social love enterprise and the caring people to lend a helping hand to help the poor child. Love account name: Liang Haixia, account: the rural credit cooperatives in Hebei Province: 623501013120017345, Tel: 13473973039.

井陉车祸撞碎男孩航天梦 手术后两侧颅骨都没有了   □本报记者 李惺   “我有一个梦想,当一名航天员……”这是于博轩的梦想。本该升入小学六年级的他,7月1日的一场车祸,让他的梦想破灭了……   11岁的于博轩,家住石家庄井陉县吴家窑乡金柱村。7月1日早上,于博轩帮妈妈去倒垃圾,突然,一辆小轿车驶过,他被撞了。父母赶紧将他送到了医院。医院为他实施了紧急头部手术。术后,于博轩头部两侧的颅骨都没有了,皮肤下面就是大脑。一直到第28天,于博轩才微微睁开了右眼,并逐渐有了点意识。   于博轩小小年纪就很懂事,他学习努力,成绩一直在班上名列前茅;他深知父母的不易,经常是放了学就主动帮助妈妈带四岁的妹妹。   在某医院重症监护室住了44天后,于博轩被转到了河北省中医院。医院组织了专家会诊,为他制订了一套康复方案。“因为没有头骨遮挡只能平躺静养,每动一次身子,脑子就会来回晃动,就会多造成一次颅脑的损伤。”主治医生王召说,现在医院正在为他联系植入适合儿童的仿生颅骨,只有颅脑部位稳定住,才能进行下一步康复治疗。”   但于博轩前期的手术治疗费已花费30多万元,他父母花光了所有积蓄,还欠下了巨额债务。“肇事方只支付了约3万元之后就不再露面。车主的车险为20万元,保险公司支付了10万元。”他母亲梁海霞说,如果找到仿生颅骨,移植手术的费用也要20多万元,一年内最佳康复期的治疗费用约六七万元。   于博轩的家属吁请社会爱心企业、爱心人士伸出援助之手,帮帮这个可怜的孩子。   爱心账户户名:梁海霞,账户:河北省农村信用社:6235010131200173455,电话:13473973039。相关的主题文章: