56The Ma Jing Manager Gregory Ronaldo I will stay as Messi Saltzman Atletico (video)|The Ma Jing Manager Gregory Ronaldo I will stay as Messi Saltzman Atletico (video)5

Ma Jing boss: Gregory Saltzman par Messi C Ronaldo I will stay with Atletico Yan values and technologies coexist Atletico then trance front highlight Simonyi Saltzman Gregory Tencent sports news September 8th (the ESPN) Ma Jing coach Simonyi attended his new book "faith, continue to go beyond their own challenge" of the conference, he talked a lot about the topic of Ma Jing, Simonyi pointed out that his disciples Glenn Messi and C Ronaldo will study par, and he said he will stay in madrid. Players in the period, Simonyi has been in play for Atletico Madrid, and he eventually returned to Calderon, became the sheets Legion coach, said at the time of signing, Simonyi said, "with Ma Jing’s cooperation is done in a very suitable for the moment, this is not accidental. In the Calderon stadium, you can feel the presence of the fans, to obtain the trust of the fans is not easy, so we need to be more careful to deal with the relationship." Simonyi is the coach, and coach for their passion, passion on the pitch, "Simonyi says," I don’t understand life without passion and passion of football, I cannot bear this life, this is sports, only will let you enjoy more passion. I was lucky enough to have a team with great players who have a lot of power and passion, and they give their hearts to me." In the past three seasons, Atletico two crashed out of the Champions League final, while talking about how to spend the difficult times, Simonyi said, "in the world of football, you will encounter difficulties, but in such a situation can become better. When the crisis occurs, people are usually nervous, when I think I am nervous, it is because we are not far away from success. I don’t love the team there is also, I am not worried about the tension of the team, I think that the atmosphere is beneficial to the team." Glenn Seidman the great progress in the last season, summer also won the European Cup for the golden boot, the disciple, Simone Kwazanda, "Gulliver Saltzman is very clear, you are a good play, is a day of the growth of the club, the club coach admire him, he is clear that he is destined to have a day will par Messi, C Ronaldo and other players in the world." Yesterday, the "Daily Mirror" pointed out that Simonyi is considering leaving Atletico, but Argentina has handsome but pointed out that he will stay, "I am very happy, we will see a beautiful new stadium next year, I hope it can stand on the stadium next year. When I came to Ma Jing, I thought everything was so good, I still insist on the idea, that’s why I’m here." In the interview, Simonyi also revealed that he had imagined at the age of 26 at the prospect, "I have been looking forward to becoming a coach, at the age of 26, I can imagine myself coaching players in training, and then control the riverbed opportunity appeared, I always think you will become a a good coach." (smoke ring)