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National football coach plan this month 20 days — Sports — people.com.cn original title: new plan this month 20, Guangzhou daily news (reporter Bai Zhibiao) 12 match 0 to 2 after the team lost to Uzbekistan, Gao Hongbo resign remarks to the Chinese Senior Football Association into the vortex of public opinion. Yesterday, Chinese Association executive committee held an emergency meeting, in addition to listening to Ukraine on the eve of war Cai Zhenhua and coach team talk, also officially launched the national football Xuanshuai program. Cai Zhenhua said in the media briefing after the meeting: "I can not commit such a low-level error, saying, ‘this is a lost you on the class’ words. I am responsible to say that I have never said anything about Gao Hongbo’s resignation." The personnel and the formation by the coach decided in the post-war Ukraine the press conference, Gao Hongbo before the game about the football association leadership to find their conversation and said the manager responsible for argument triggered an uproar, it seems that Gao Hongbo is forced to resign but. As the country foot in front of the LED, Chinese Football Association vice president Yu Hongchen yesterday at the media briefing stressed that the football association president Cai Zhenhua arrived in Tashkent in October 10th and including Gao Hongbo, the team’s coach for the exchange, listen to Gao Hongbo et al for reporting. Cai Zhenhua said: "for the personnel replacement and formation change, we will fully respect the choice of the boss, I have always stressed that since the choice of the people is not too much intervention, of course we will put forward some suggestions and opinions, but the final decisions in the coach." According to Gao Hongbo, the leadership of the Football Association coach should be on our foot now performance for, Cai Zhenhua said: "he (Gao Hongbo) according to our agreement, is in the top 12 of the first 5 games to get 7~8 points, and now after 4 games, only got 1 points, the coach has the right decision naturally, should bear the corresponding responsibility." He said after the game, he also saw the news to know Gao Hongbo to resign, "Yu Hongchen and I find Hong Bo, asked him if he was too much pressure to resign, but Hong Bo said his mental and physical pressure is not what, and said the four kick now only 1 points, did not complete the task, it is our responsibility." Cai Zhenhua said: "I asked him to resign the decision is not a bit impulsive, Hong Bo said he was not impulsive." Cai Zhenhua also stressed that the coach team to listen to the report before the game, according to the regular meeting stressed the responsibility of each of them, but this is not implied resignation. The coach needs to understand the Chinese and Asian Football in yesterday’s briefing, executive vice chairman of the Football Association Football Association Zhang Jian said, Chinese pretty sure Gao Hongbo working attitude, sense of responsibility, he also admitted that the resignation of Gao Hongbo really let everyone be taken by surprise. After saying that, no matter China team and the Uzbekistan team how to win this game, Gao Hongbo will be the class. In this regard, Yu Hongchen stressed that, if true, would not now Xuanshuai program. China will gather again in November 1st, to prepare for the 12 finals next game in Yunnan and Qatar team, "we plan to the new national football coach can be produced in this month 20 days, so the coach with the team for short)