Shanxi provincial Party Committee Standing Committee Du Shanxue bribery bribery case trial (video) sql2005安装图解

The original Shanxi Provincial Committee Du Shanxue bribery case first instance court Du Shanxue data figure Shanxue bribery and Du huge unidentified property case today held a public hearing in August 30, 2016, Jiangsu Province, Xuzhou City Intermediate People’s court held a public hearing of the former Shanxi Provincial Committee, former deputy governor of the provincial government Du Shanxue bribery, bribery, huge unidentified property case. Xuzhou City People’s Procuratorate send personnel to support the prosecution in court, the defendant Du Shanxue and his defenders to take part in the proceedings. Xuzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate charged: from 2003 to 2013, the defendant Du Shanxue use his position as mayor, Shanxi Municipal People’s Government of Changzhi Province, Secretary of the CPC Changzhi Municipal Committee, Secretary of the CPC Lvliang Municipal Committee of the CPC Shanxi Provincial Committee, provincial Party committee secretary general, deputy Shanxi province people’s government of the province, long position convenience, Xing Libin served as chairman of the board of Shanxi Sheng Energy Co. Ltd, the Xiaoyi municipal government party members of the Guo Jiping and other 28 units and individuals to provide help in business, promotion or adjustment matters, directly or through their specific relationship and other illegal the officers received a given property, totaling RMB 8011.468607 yuan. 2011, Du Shanxue Shanxi provincial Party committee in the general assembly, in order to get when he was the vice chairman of the Shanxi Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference to make policy recommendations, support, bribes to 100 thousand euros, equivalent to RMB 906 thousand and 650 yuan. Du Shanxue for a total of RMB 8961.753551 yuan of family property can not explain the source. Du Shanxue’s criminal responsibility should be investigated in accordance with the law of bribery, bribery, huge unidentified property. In the trial, the prosecution presented evidence, Du Shanxue and his defenders were cross examination, both parties fully express the debate, Du Shanxue also made a final statement in court, pleaded guilty to repentance. Du Shanxue’s close relatives, deputies, CPPCC members, journalists and people from all walks of life more than 60 people attended the trial. Finally, the court adjourned the trial, scheduled for sentencing.   相关的主题文章: