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Chinese scholars to explore the origin of life to get new progress: or uncover the secrets of embryonic development – Shanghai, September (reporter Chen Jing) 19 human exploration of the origin of life has not stopped. The First Affiliated Tongji University Institute of maternal and child health ("infant") chief scientist Gao Shaorong research team for the first time in the world from the whole genome level revealed that histone H3K4me3 and HK27me3 modification of mammalian preimplantation embryo development in the process of establishing process. It is now known that scientists have systematically systematically examined the histone modifications of mammalian preimplantation embryos at the genome level. Gao Shaorong’s team used a very small amount of cells to detect the changes of histone H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 in the preimplantation mouse embryos. Gao Shaorong said that in the future, researchers will further study of human embryos, and ultimately uncover the precise control of histone in human embryonic development process, the secret". It is reported that the results of this research may be able to answer the normal development of human embryos and epigenetic mechanisms. Gao Shaorong, 19, said in an interview with reporters, in the future, in the process of the development of IVF, doctors can not only from the gene sequence for screening, but also from the perspective of epigenetic optimization of embryos. At the same time, the doctor can also optimize the embryo development environment, reduce the abnormal embryo development and improve the success rate of ivf. The research group of researchers, Shanghai maternal and infant translational medicine research center Liu Wenqiang told reporters, at present, with the women of childbearing age, improve the living environment changes, the incidence of infertility rate has continued to rise, increasing demand for "test tube baby". However, in recent years, the success rate of IVF has not been significantly improved. A maternal and infant President Duan Tao also told reporters that in clinic, why the failure of assisted reproductive mechanisms remain to be investigated related. In addition, in the process of IVF culture, the embryo is cultured in the nutrient solution, and the natural environment of the pregnant mother embryo is different, the impact of the external environment is very important to the embryo. Liu Wenqiang said that the new findings will give people a better understanding of embryonic development: what kind of epigenetic modification of normal embryos? What are the effects of environmental factors on the embryo? These mysteries will be revealed one by one. Duan Tao also said that the new findings in the future or will greatly improve the success rate of IVF, and greatly reduced birth defects. It is reported that the breakthrough research results of the Gao Shaorong team will show the power of assisted reproductive technology, the benefit of recurrent abortion, embryo stop infertility, infertility patients. Gao Shaorong is the Ministry of education Changjiang Scholar Professor, national outstanding youth winner, chief scientist of translational medicine at the Tongji University Affiliated First Hospital for maternity and infant health research center, Dean of the College of life science and technology Tongji University. He also served as vice president of the Chinese Society for cell biology and molecular microscopy, the Chinese society of Cell Biology Institute of stem cell biology credit and other academic duties. Gao Shaorong has presided over a number of major national projects, has long been engaged in the study of early embryonic development, and achieved a series of important progress and research results. (end)相关的主题文章: