Cecilia Cheung mother debut when the actor did not ask her daughter for the first time in the film utc行家

Cecilia Cheung debut as a movie actor first mom not to ask her daughter – Beijing, Beijing, September 1, according to Taiwan "China times news, Cecilia Cheung Dasari (Davies Shally) genetic mother deep facial features, and now follow the daughter for wearing Sally pace, the official debut when actor, performing" different "debut the cases by the director" praised a nomination for best new actor "qualifications, recently she dressed in a black halter dress at the movie premiere, several children are present and support, but the absence of Cecilia Cheung, is in want of perfection. According to Hong Kong media reports, Dasari for the first film of considerable importance, sexy dress up broken table, several children Dai Bizhi, Zhang Haolong and Zhang Bowen were behind the scene where Dai Bizhi is dressed, black dress "in wide open" steal the style, and Zhang Haolong also brought his loving appearance, but is "performing predecessors in want of perfection," Cecilia Cheung does not appear, for her daughter did not come, Dasari did not mind, said to her recent busy work, says "call her after the ticket to join." Dai Sally talked about filming early experience, was that the filming, and did not tell the children, but choose to give them a surprise, this challenge as a mother daughter abortion Dutch act, Sally said with no special Cecilia Cheung please guide, "I have confidence in myself, she also believe me." In addition, she also hope to have the opportunity to cooperate in the day and children, seems to have been addicted to play.相关的主题文章: