Black and white film Xining Tibetan Tallo ahead point mapping has won 12 international awards in Bei cad2012序列号和密钥

Black and white film "Xining Tibetan" Tallo ahead point mapping has won 12 international awards – Beijing the evening of November 18th, Van Mar Caidan film "Tallo" in Xining ahead of the point mapping. Pictured director Van Mar Caidan shared the story behind the "Tallo". Luo Yunpeng photo Beijing, Xining, November 18, (Zhang Haiwen Luo Yunpeng) 18 evening, Qinghai Tibetan film director Van Mar Caidan "Tallo" in Xining ahead of the point mapping. The film was nominated for the Venice International Film Festival "Horizon" unit, and gains 12 awards including best adapted screenplay award, etc.. Tibetan director Van Mar Caidan native of Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Hainan province Guide County, in early 2002 was directed by cylinder, known as the Tibetan language film pioneer. The representative of the "quiet Mani stone", "soul searching" "colorful sky" etc.. "Tallo" is directed by Van Mar Caidan, the fifth Tibetan movies adapted from the short story of the same name. The film of Tibetan region as the background, the plot pieces of whole Tibetan shooting, with the black and white picture, more than and 80 fixed long shot, tells the story of a lonely shepherd Tallo in the process of twists and turns for identity cards, "encounter" love story, finally broken dreams. "" Tallo "in my hometown is Qinghai filming, so first choice at home early point mapping, this moment is especially important for me." Van Mar Caidan introduction, as a multi-ethnic settlements, Qinghai multicultural collision deeply affected his creation, vision has always been fixed on the Tibetan grassroots. That night after the end of the film, director Van Mar Caidan and other creative film came to the event, and the audience more wonderful story behind. He referred to the movie audience by black and white photography, Van Mar Caidan said: "the film’s protagonist Tallo is a very simple person, his world is black and white, and black and white photography is also in order to meet the characters, reflects the hero’s spiritual world." Different from previous works on Van Mar Caidan characterized by a group of "Tallo," will focus on an individual, but the black and white photographic effect is to make the characters more prominent. It is understood that the movie "Tallo" in December 9th in the domestic "limited release". "Tallo" first started ahead of the point mapping in Xining, Lanzhou, Lhasa and other places today, but also because of the strong nostalgia "director". (end)相关的主题文章: