Korean media Seoul speed up to 74 trillion and 700 billion seconds in the world 霍金hawking

Korean media: Analysis on RootMetrics 23 held in Seoul, South Korea will enter the market to light Seoul speed up to 74 trillion and 700 billion seconds the world’s first mobile network performance, announced the speed of the 7 major international city mobile network survey, one of Seoul’s network download speed is the fastest, reached 74 trillion and 700 billion seconds. Other major international cities, the speed of the order of 44 trillion and 600 billion seconds for Madrid, Tokyo, London, Paris, second seconds, 29 trillion and 800 billion seconds, seconds, 28 trillion and 700 billion seconds, New York, 23 trillion and 700 billion seconds. RootMetrics’s career development supreme leader Scott · Brady said, Seoul speed has reached the world level, the performance of the network also provides a new standard for the main city in the world. According to reports, RootMetrics at the end of 5 to early June in Seoul, shopping, tourism, commercial and transportation center area to detect speed. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge+ smartphone in the survey, the number of times up to 20 thousand times. The survey to evaluate the 6 aspects of South Korea SK Telecom, KT and LGU+ three mobile communication service from the overall performance, network reliability, speed, data communication performance, performance, performance of SMS, almost all got out. One of the fastest LGU+ download and upload, respectively, 74 trillion and 700 billion seconds and 37 trillion and 400 billion seconds. Promotion: how cool is it to play games with VR? How cool is it with VR? Everything about VR, here, VR dimension WeChat public number (qqtechvr), a virtual world quest!相关的主题文章: