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A figure to understand: who is China’s VC circle of Whampoa  military academy? Sohu technology leaving the old club, the setting up of the new fund — this phenomenon from 2013, 14 years, Chang Chen Cao Yi founded Sequoia Capital Source Gao Xiang left IDG Gao Rong capital, founded Tong Weiliang away from Gobi established trees capital had already appeared in the next two or three years risk investment continued hot, the number of start-up companies sharply at the same time increase the number of new fund also increased significantly. According to the announcement Chinese securities investment fund industry association data, by the end of September 2016, the number of funds has registered more than 4 were removed by the securities investment fund stage, private equity funds and venture funds number about 17000 — in January 2015, the figure was only about 4500. The new fund industry fund, including the background of traditional enterprise transformation and the establishment of the fund, investors entrepreneurs fund securities practitioners new fund and so on, bring development opportunities for the booming market of venture capital for China active Internet business. The distance of natural media, entrepreneurs more recent well-known VC came out, the establishment of a new fund "partner in the market has become the rise of a stream. We leave the VC to create a new VC part of this alone to do a statistical point of view: in the end which institutions can be elected VC China Whampoa  military academy? In fact, a picture can see: (click on the picture, enlarged picture) from orange radar information map finishing (radar.itjuzi) diagram to gather the 37 VC institutions or large companies in the establishment of new fund investors fled. Can clearly see that is the number of new force from IDG, these two old Sequoia Fund way ahead: IDG has eight members left to create 5 new funds, four members of the Sequoia created 4 new funds, of which Li Jianwei left to join Li Zhu in the Czech Republic and it real fund, established after the thing left really suitable fund. Come out from the grand capital, Qiming venture team were also contributed 3 different new funds. The rest of the fund, such as Innovation workshop, Jingwei China, Jun alliance capital and so on are 1, 2 new fund incubation contribution. In addition, large companies such as BAT, etc. 360 except in the entrepreneurial talent contribution, also joined the ranks of investment contribution to cultivate talent: after the original investment Tencent general manager Peng Zhijian, Tencent win fund industry director Xu Liang was born 360 yuan capital; investment manager Cui Jing founded the capital source, senior vice president Yu Guangdong and worked in Baidu Investment Department Yao Yaping co founded the boiling point of capital; also the original strategic investment department general manager Tang Hesong established Xiang Wo capital; three partners, Shen Wenbo, Jiang Min, Ning Po Yu focus on education investment future workshop from the listed education group good future. The reason, investors own masters, the latitude and longitude of the venture capital Zhuang Minghao has concluded three points: 1, from the market environment, 2013, 14 years of China Internet Corporation listed in the U.S. open window, Jingdong, micro-blog, the United States, 58, funny music, Zhaopin, tuniu, cheetah, thunder and o相关的主题文章: