780 yuan three unannounced visits to Jiuzhai Huanglong Tour tour guide block mall shopping small tic 申威1600

780 yuan three unannounced visits to Jiuzhai Huanglong Tour: tour guide block mall export inspection Huanglong shopping ticket Chongqing morning news reporter unannounced visits to national Jiuzhai 780 yuan three tour guides blocked outlet malls let visitors show shopping small ticket on October 5th to 7, the Chongqing morning news reporters in the three day tour Jiuzhai Huanglong tours, spent 780 yuan. The travel agency has repeatedly stressed that no additional way of shopping, shopping for all visitors voluntarily, but the reporter encountered a different tour under the guise of consumption, at the same time being a tour guide for shopping to fill the price of "Post newspaper group". The travel agency said buying voluntary 3 day travel agency, the reporter contacted the Chengdu Bao, want to report a three day tour Jiuzhai Huanglong tour. The travel agency staff said that the three day tour Jiuzhai Huanglong 780 yuan. When the off-season, only 600 yuan." Chengdu near Chunxi Road CYTS price in 1500 yuan. Bao travel agency staff said that 780 yuan on the quality of the trip and the $1500 is not much difference, in addition to accommodation and catering, etc. there are differences, may arrange shopping points, but do not buy all tourists voluntary. In the travel contract, the trip third days to arrange the plateau specialty products exhibition center is the only one shopping, about to stay for 60 minutes. The travel contract also shows, travel agencies and tourists have to sign the "supplementary agreement" and "voluntary shopping items at their own expense in order to guarantee the supplementary agreement", the tourists do not encounter qiangmaiqiangmai, but travel agents in the contract, and none of the above two agreements. The staff member said that she worked for several months to travel agencies, and have never seen these two agreements. Before signing the contract, the staff asked the reporter is not 90, 90 do not have too much spending power, do not expect them to spend in the shopping point, so to receive more than 100 yuan. Finally, the reporter called the Chengdu Bao 780 yuan three day tour Jiuzhai Huanglong tourism. After leaving the travel agency, the reporter found that the travel agency in the absence of the consent of the consent of the case, the trip to the Sichuan provincial Leisure Holiday International Travel agency. The special contract for travel contract is Sichuan New Oriental International Travel Service Co., ltd.. The staff explained that this is the individual fight groups, the only way to cobble together a number of tour of Sichuan New Oriental International Travel Agency is the head company. Someone on the train to sell 100 yuan 5 oxygen at 5 pm, reporters and car 22 tourists from Chengdu delegation. The tour guide surnamed Zhang, the first day of the trip is the main road from Chengdu, via Wenchuan, Maoxian and Songpan County, arrived at the Huanglong scenic area. Arrive at the Huanglong scenic area, tourist guide remind the tourists on board, Huanglong scenic area close to 4000 meters altitude, many tourists will have altitude sickness, ranging from symptoms of dizziness and tinnitus, while causing death, the night before had a good rest is the group of high altitude reaction. There are about 40 minutes drive from the Huanglong scenic area, there is a claim to the Huanglong scenic area service center of the female staff on the car, once again remind tourists to attach importance to altitude sickness. In the case of death due to altitude sickness, the working man相关的主题文章: