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Keep calm, the winter fitness must be done before the warm-up temperature – Sohu rapid decline of muscles and joints at this time are not fully preheated, easy to cause the deformation and stiffness of movement, exercise before the warm-up exercise is particularly important. The key is to warm up must have patience, calm down, not because of the warm-up effect is not obvious or lazy and get throught a thing carelessly. Walking jogging on the treadmill for 5 minutes, is a simple and effective way to warm up. You can adjust the speed to 4km h, do not set the slope, adjust the breath and rhythm, slow walk 5 minutes. Stretched ligaments are important for any sport. Basketball star James every time before the game, to spend a lot of time to stretch ligaments, which is also considered to maintain his "King Kong is not bad," an important reason for the body. There are a variety of ways to stretch, simple vertical body precursor can meet. The Pilates Pilates campaign is believed to be an effective way to warm up and lose weight. Pilates moves up to 500 kinds, emphasizing the spirit and the body parts of the connection and control. Stimulation of deep, small muscle groups will allow you to do a better job. The warm-up scale you may ask, I really need to heat how long can be a warm-up warm-up? How long actually can not guarantee that you will not hurt, but it can to a certain extent, the body preheating you, let your body adapt to large doses of exercise. So when you feel that every part of your body has a slight fever, the muscles and ligaments are in a state of harmony and freedom. Too much warming is not necessary, but also increase muscle fatigue, counterproductive. Content source: the GQ ID:nanshidapei men’s men’s network collocation long by two-dimensional code "recognition" to pay attention to the professional men’s collocation tuba, various styles of men’s collocation, single product recommendation, the trend of life are here, are not handsome! Exclusive to metrosexual man!相关的主题文章: