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Hong Kong Independence leaders visit the United States and Senator Rubio met (Figure) – American quartz Sohu news news network reported that in November 17th, Hongkong Zhongzhi party secretary general, Hong Kong independence leader Huang Zhifeng has sneaked into the United States, the first is called President elect Trump to intervene in the affairs of Hongkong, and then attended "on Capitol Hill the administrative department of Chinese Committee – Congress -" (CECC) sponsored the event, won the Republican Senator Mark Rubio met?. According to reports, after the meeting with Huang Zhifeng, Rubio not only praised it as "impressive thoughtful young people", "claims that more Beijing is continuing destruction of" one country two systems "principle, the people of Hongkong should be to ensure that the violation of democracy and freedom". Huang Zhifeng in the "face book" said Rubio "encouraged" Hongkong people in the face of "the Chinese Communist regime unbudging". Rubio said to him, "you have plenty of time."". For Hong Kong independence are open to foreign forces "help", China Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang 17 said, "Hongkong is a special administrative region of China, Hongkong affairs Chinese belongs to the interior, have no right to interfere in any foreign. "Hong Kong Independence" forces attempt to split the country, and the public to seek external support, which acts seriously violated the Chinese constitution, the basic law of Hongkong and the District of Hongkong, the relevant laws and China undermines the sovereignty and security of the country, harm the fundamental interests of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, touched the bottom line of "one country two systems". We advise those who attempt to dizzy people, by any foreign forces to achieve their own political attempt will not succeed."相关的主题文章: