The high one promulgated the regulations on criminal electronic data collection and extraction to ju 法拉利599gto

"The high one" promulgated the regulations on criminal electronic data collection and extraction of examination and judgment of the Supreme People’s court in Beijing – the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Ministry of public security criminal cases handled a number of issues to collect and review the electronic data extraction rules for electronic data collection specification extraction and examination judgment, improve the criminal case handling quality, according to the relevant provisions of the "the laws of the People’s Republic of China criminal procedure law", combined with judicial practice, the enactment of this provision. First, the general provisions of the first electronic data is formed in the course of the case, in the form of digital storage, processing, transmission, to prove the facts of the case data. Electronic data including but not limited to the following information, electronic documents: (a) the web, blog, microblogging, circle of friends, Post Bar, SkyDrive and other network platform to release the information; (two) the communication information of mobile phone text messages, e-mail, instant messaging, group communication network application services; (three) the user registration information, identity the authentication information, transaction records, electronic communication records, logs and other information; (four) documents, pictures, audio and video, digital certificates, computer programs and other electronic documents. The testimony of the witness, the statement of the victim, and the confession of the suspect and the defendant, etc., are not included in the electronic data. Where it is necessary, the relevant provisions of the collection, extraction, transfer, review, may refer to the application of these provisions. Article second the investigation organ shall comply with the statutory procedures, follow the relevant technical standards, comprehensive, objective and timely collection, extraction of electronic data; the people’s Procuratorate, the people’s court shall focus on authenticity, legitimacy and relevance judgement of electronic data. The third people’s court, the people’s Procuratorate and the public security organs have the right to obtain the relevant units and individuals to collect electronic data, according to the law. The relevant units and individuals shall truthfully provide. Fourth electronic data involving state secrets, commercial secrets, personal privacy, shall be confidential. Fifth of the electronic data as evidence, should be taken to complete the following one or several methods of electronic data protection: (a) the seizure and storage of electronic data original storage medium; (two) the calculation of electronic data integrity check value; (three) making and storage of electronic data backup; (four) freezing electronic data; (five) to collect and extract the related activities of electronic data recording; (six) other methods of electronic data integrity protection. Electronic data collection, extraction of the sixth investigation process, and through the network to extract online electronic data can be used as evidence. Two, electronic data collection and extraction of the seventh collection, extraction of electronic data, shall be more than two investigators. The method of obtaining evidence shall conform to the relevant technical standards. The eighth collection, extraction of electronic data, electronic data can be stored in the original storage medium, should be seized, sealed the original storage medium, and make a record, record the original storage medium sealed state. The original storage medium for the storage of electronic data shall be guaranteed.相关的主题文章: