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God Tucao: your volume baby husband won’t recognize the Sohu News South Korean actress Ren Naying recently rather baffling fire, not because of singing and dancing drama but because her nose pickled cabbage, have a specific function: when beginning to participate in the variety show, Ren Naying moved by sight whirlwind tears, readily pinched nose, Alice nose a strong result suddenly a flat nose disappeared for several seconds!!   video effect thriller, which is made of rubber nose? Pakistan is worried that she will not suffocate……   sharp eyed netizens said that the nose is false, normal people can do? Is the nose X too much or cry too hard? This is not the quality of cosmetic surgery, ah, is it done in Thailand?   but another netizen said girl is not science, plastic surgery, I can hold the nose.   PO   also plans: Well, maybe you are God’s chosen children, gifted (minibus tried several times also fail to attract, hold to the internal……) No matter how long did the whole, born in the 95 years 170 of the height of the picture is beautiful woman usually, this is long before the video clips, suddenly being set on the hot, do not know is not a rival firm black.   in fact, even if the whole is not too much trouble, and now this "look at the face of the times", which star did not over it? The love of beauty, and the stars also rely on face to eat, occasionally say their teeth pulled thin face is understandable, many stars will be generous to admit their own plastic surgery (after all, have a good foundation, who can not casually the good-looking).  , Japan; Korea cosmetic makeup, makeup China commonly known as the three Asian woman walked out of the enchantments, pickled cabbage is Lianliankan, with clear data show that South Korea is the largest number of countries received cosmetic surgery, an average of 10 thousand South Koreans had 131 cosmetic surgery. Seoul 19-49 year old women, 20% are all over; every year over the age of 18 in South Korea’s sister, there are 8 people want to have cosmetic surgery; feel no less than 20% of the South Koreans do not need the necessary surgery. South Korea on the road can be found everywhere in cosmetic hospital advertising (words of the southern city of Chinese, minibus found cosmetic advertising more and more  ); this look at the face of the era does not believe in tears, but I believe the color value of   love is not the only Korean cosmetic, this kind of minibus think South Korea vigorously promote their own cosmetic level is high, just to attract we go to South Korea shaping tourism, let everyone to accept South Korean aesthetic, and then enter the national entertainment industry (this is the muffled fortune.).   in fact, the Japanese cosmetic technology is also very high, at least looks more natural.   however, we may not think that the world’s first big country is actually not korea! According to the latest international cosmetic institutions statistics, the United States and Brazil is a large cosmetic surgery, has never dropped out of the top three.   each country like the type of cosmetic surgery is not the same: Americans like breast augmentation, Pakistan相关的主题文章: