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This is because the original baby’s mother during pregnancy on maternal and child malnutrition – Sohu Bao Ma (1): the baby was born nearly a month, these days always milk choking, wheezing, bacteria in the throat, how is this going? Bao Ma (2): the baby a year and a half, and did not catch a cold, but the feeling of old throat phlegm. Bao Ma (3): infants and infants after the baby’s throat will be issued a "creak" sound asleep when there will be some voices, looking good? Some baby is breathing normally, but several months after birth, the baby will be individual to 1 to 2 years old, will send a throat like "snoring" crying "squeak" sound, like the throat phlegm. This is the phenomenon of congenital laryngeal wheeze". Causes: the throat of the baby issued by the sound of wheezing, is due to air flow through the narrow airway segment caused by a variety of causes of airway stenosis. Back: the baby causes laryngeal stridor because his mother malnutrition in pregnancy, the fetal baby calcium deficiency caused by laryngeal cartilage softening, inhale the epiglottis curled inward on both sides of the edge contact, laryngeal cavity narrowing, produce laryngeal stridor. The impact of the baby most of the baby’s congenital laryngeal stridor are mild, just breathing more, does not affect the baby’s milk, sleep, body condition, Baba mama do not need to worry too much, you can observe at home, usually in the 1~2 years old baby will recover naturally. However, there are about 20% of the degree of congenital laryngeal wheezing baby is more serious, adverse effects on the baby. 1 eating baby milk or milk, eat easily choking or cough, or even cause lung infection; 2 gastroesophageal reflux baby respiratory tract obstruction, inspiratory pleural pressure increased, likely to cause gastroesophageal reflux. 3 growth retardation due to poor baby eating, nutrient absorption is not enough, often forced to breathe out too much heat, resulting in baby growth is slow. 4 the lack of long-term intake of oxygen deficient baby, the body is in a state of hypoxia, resulting in the end of the lips, limbs appear purple black, but also affect the development of the brain, and even pulmonary hypertension. 5 funnel chest breathing too hard to make the chest inward depression, the formation of funnel chest over time, will further affect the baby’s heart and lung function. Classification of symptoms classification proportion of patients with symptoms, 40% mild inspiratory stridor, occasionally affect the amount of milk, sleep with no deterioration in observation, 1~2 years old self-healing 40% moderate feeding difficulties, breathing force, easy to cause gastroesophageal reflux with gastroesophageal reflux. 20% severe impedes breathing lead to hypoxia and endanger the heart and lung function, funnel chest surgery as soon as possible what happened to be greater than the pregnant mother and fetus treasure thing? Open the WeChat search on October, care of the public number, here are the most reliable parenting and maternal knowledge. Do not miss passing through the passing of each reminder of the October bacteria!相关的主题文章: