Better look at the boss when the network red double eleven change is the secret – Sohu Technology 乃々果花

Better look at the boss when the network red double eleven change is the secret? Sohu technology eleven is under way. In this year’s shopping carnival, Ali cooperation with Zhejiang satellite TV to launch "double eleven live party", and a record 24.43% of the market share, in the four hours of live, most of the time the ratings occupy the first in the country. At the same time, in order to Taobao Tmall, Youku and other live broadcast platform, besides the watch and buy live programs, also through the live broadcast will be extended to the scene of the scenes, in the background of relatively intimate scenes, the star with the user for a new round of communication and exchange. According to Ali aspects, in the course of the live broadcast, online interaction up to 7 billion 400 million times, in which the night watching champion grab Lin Chiling clothes even more than a point of contention for more than 200 million times. In the double eleven day, Ali changed the fight against yen value red pattern based electricity supplier network, at 12 noon to launch the "crazy BOSS" broadcast, a number of brand owners through broadcast recommend their products to customers, and online payment envelopes of cash and coupons, with rich content, including nine copies the market CEO Wang Xiaofei through a live connection with the big s, beauty Master exchange experience. There is a more professional person in charge of the enterprise site, live conversion effect is also very obvious. With the continuous emphasis on the importance of the broadcast of the Phoenix, the industry has been quietly changing. The eleven party, two more good-looking iron brother communication with a number of reporters at the scene, it is generally believed that this year eleven party is more like a family like a holiday party, one of the biggest changes is: brand placement information much reduced, the whole party to watch the enhancement, which is also an important reason for the market share of 24.43% results. In last year’s double eleven, Ali and the brand is the hope that through the TV show by the TV screen to screen mobile phone in program flow, need to continuously strengthen the guide and power users to pick up the mobile phone information to arouse the rich red open Taobao App shop. Therefore, most of the time that the voice of the eleven party also bear the brand show and shopping guide, the task of the high proportion of product introduction will obviously dilute the viewing of some TV programs. In this year, the broadcast has become an important means of realization of the electricity supplier, the famous network of red Yi Yi had nearly two hours of live broadcast of Taobao hit a record sales of nearly $400, nearly $20 million. Therefore, in the domestic television program in history, this year eleven party television and mobile phone media equally, users can not only through the live watch and buy, can also be obtained through the live and backstage footage, in the interactive means, the relationship between television and mobile phone is no longer "Notification envelopes, take instead is the equality and interaction, interactive games, rob Lin Chiling has been regarded as the coat of mobile phone TV partner, which had the" informed shake Red Spring Festival "in the mobile phone is in the secondary position of interaction is obviously of great progress. Interactive uninterrupted and online users to achieve equality in front of the television, interactive screen, which is also an important reason for high TV ratings. So, TV o相关的主题文章: